Men of the TTC 46 with clear victory in Effeltrich and great fight against Neckarsulm

Ladies claim the top against Uentrop

With the beautiful late summer weather, some have preferred a walk instead of  table tennis, but missed extremely exciting and high class games.

In the women’s competition, the two top teams of the league, TTC 46 Weinheim and TuS Uentrop, met each other, both of whom are still without a loss point in the round and are also among the favourites of the second Bundesliga. And with a tight 6:4 home win, the women from Bergstrasse were able to beat the women from Westphalia and keep their clean slate. After the decisive success of Jennie Wolf, board member and team manager Christian Säger was more than a stone from the heart, because there is already a healthy rivalry.

The game was also constantly swaying back and forth, no team was able to break away.
In the doubles Daria Trigolos and Rachel Sung were successful against Nadine Sillus and Alexandra Scheld with 3:1, while the well-rehearsed pair Luisa Säger/Jennie Wolf had to leave the point to Bernadett Balint and Elena Shapovalova after a 2:0 set lead after several match balls.
Daria Trigolos managed to equal the sets against Airi Avameri after 0:2, but in the end the Estonian cheered. Luisa Säger defeated Bernadett Balint 3-1 to equal the score.
It was still a draw after Rachel Sung’s 3-1 win against Alexandra Scheld and Jennie Wolf’s 3-1 defeat against Nadine Sillus.

And also after the top matches of Daria Trigolos against Bernadett Balint (2:3) and Luisa Säger against Airi Avameri (3:1) everything was still balanced.
Rachel Sung was also in top form in her second singles match and won against Nadine Sillus. Everything was already on a total remis when Jennie Wolf was 1:2 behind. The fourth set then went narrowly to Weinheim, and Jennie was able to record the final point with 11:5 to the overall success.
A convincing performance especially by Luisa Säger and the 15-year-old American Rachel Sung.

The men of the TTC 46 have had a great weekend.
On Saturday they swept the SpVgg Effeltrich with 6:1 from their plates, on Sunday they demanded everything from the table leader NSU Neckarsulm at 3:6.

Coach Rainer Schmidt was enthusiastic about the appearance in Franconia and more than satisfied with the hard fight against the favorite.
In Effeltrich near Erlangen the team showed a closed team performance, after the two doubles won at the beginning only Filip Cipin against Martin Guman had to allow the point of honour of the hosts in overtime.

On Sunday, the NSU Neckarsulm could be stood up to for a long time, but in the end the superiority of the guests had to be acknowledged.
Already in the doubles, the guests took the lead with 3:1 wins, which Laurens Devos could equalize against Julian Mohr and Filip Cipin against defensive artist Florian Bluhm.
Tom Eise did not have much to oppose Jens Schabacker, and also in the duel of the old masters Björn Baum and Josef Braun the guest left the plate as winner.
Laurens Devos then defeated Florian Bluhm to 2:5 and already a preliminary decision. Filip Cipin could shorten with his second individual victory, this time against Julian Mohr, once again, but by the defeat of Tom Eise against Josef Braun the game was through

Especially the rallies against defensive ace Florian Bluhm inspired the spectators, and once again it showed that the parallel games of women and men are the right spectator magnet.

This will happen again on 17.11. with the games women – MTV Tostedt and men – TTC Wohlbach.
Before, the women will compete in Offenburg (26.10.) and at the Füchse Berlin (9.11.), the men in Wöschbach (19.10.) and Grünwettersbach (9.11.).

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