Regional league ladies of the TTC 46 Weinheim take the lead, men’s teams successful

Table leadership for the Verbandsliga gentlemen

This time the ladies II of the TTC 46 Weinheim could fall back on a stronger quartet in the encounter against the previous leader of the regional league southwest, and so they could wear out the 1:8 loophole of the game at TSG Kaiserslautern and take the lead once with 7:3. Although Iryna Motsyk and Julia Weimer, both experienced in the Bundesliga, were not even there yet, they managed a clear 8:2 victory against TTG Süßen II.
With Hanna Patseyeva and for the first time the 16-year-old Ulyana Alkhouskaya, two Belarusians formed the front pair cross and also a successful double. Jasmin Wolf and Anke Haas did not want to be inferior, but had to play over 5 sets. Hanna and Ulyana won both their singles confidently, Jasmin and Anke won each.

In the women’s Verbandsliga, the third team came to a 7:7 against TV Brühl and remain with 8:2 points in the four-man top group. Anke Haas and Celin Ermler won the doubles and their singles, Julia Säger and Laura Emig had no sense of achievement, so the quartet had to be satisfied with the draw.

With now 9:1 points, the men II took the lead in the Verbandsliga after their 9:3 victory against the previously undefeated VfB Mosbach-Waldstadt. With Björn Baum at position 1, the team with Robin Campbell, Janis Oberle, Konrad Ell, Lars Frey and Daniel Berbner showed themselves to be superior to the guests who were not able to claim a victory with ex-TTC Imrich Drabik.
In the district league the men III booked their first victory and this against TTC Reilingen with 9:2 quite clearly. Hans-Jörg Klump/Sebastian Zick and Mario Mohr/Jürgen Hilkert could win their doubles, followed by victories of Hans-Jörg Klump, who fought his way back after 0:2, Sebastian Zick, Andreas Bürner and Frank Klapper to 6:1. Mario Mohr lost by a narrow margin before Hilkert, Klump and Zick delivered the missing points to win.

The two Kreisligateams celebrated 9:1 victories. Fourth place went to TSV Badenia Feudenheim with Bernd Schafhaupt, Jürgen Hilkert, Steffen Kreis, Christian Zöllner, Michael Locker and Christian Dubil. The fifth team made short work of the TTF Hemsbach II, with Ramon Bäurle, Sadegh Khalili Tehrani, Armin Schimkat, Mathias Beisiegel, Alexander Diefenbach and Pablo Sommer taking the lead for the TTC 46. Against TTF Hemsbach III, the fifth in the trophy still got a 4:1 to enter the round of sixteen.

In the Kreisklasse A Hemsbach III had to deal with the sixth team of the TTC 46 and lost with 2:9. For the TTC Säger/Stücker and Windhorst /Krug scored as well as Sebastian Windhorst (2), Christian Säger, Karl Kreis, Thomas Krug, Otto Sauer and Markus Stücker.
In the round of sixteen of the cup, the sixth also arrived with a 4:2 victory against TSG Lützelsachsen II. Here Sebastian Windhorst, Christian Dubil and Markus Stücker brought the necessary points together.

In the youth area U18 there were victories. The first team won in the association league at the TTC Weingarten with 8:4, whereby Sagittarius/Burkardt as well as Dennis Sagittarius (3), Celin Ermler (2) and Daniel Burkardt (2) were successful for the TTC 46.
The second player took a 9-5 victory over VfB Mosbach-Waldstadt in the association class despite the absence of a fourth player. Sammet/Sommer as well as Lars Sammet (3), Pablo Sommer (2) and Isaac Grimley (2) ensured the success.
The first team of the U15 conceded a 1:8 defeat against VSV Büchig, in which only Marten Hildenbeutel was able to score one point.
The second secured the points with 8:5 against LSV Ladenburg in the line-up Yeish Banik, Tobias Ott, Henri-Luis Rau and Nelson Svojanovsky. The third team kept the TV Waldhof 8:2 in check with successes vin Tobias Ott, Noah Leonhard, Kimi Widmann and Jule Hildenbeutel.
For the fourth with Jule Hildenbeutel, Nelson Svojanovsky, Emil Rau and Johannes Spinola there was a 7:7 at SKV Sandhofen.

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