Men of the TTC 46 Weinheim finish the first half with 6:1 in Munich

Good record for Bundesliga teams

With a smooth 6:1 victory at FC Bayern Munich, the men’s team of the TTC 46 Weinheim established themselves on a good fourth place in the half-time table in the 3rd Bundesliga South.
Only the double of Devos/Baum at the beginning went to the Bavarians, then Laurens Devos, Filip Cipin, Tom Eise and Björn Baum had the game safely under control, even if no match under four sets went over the stage.

With the first hals of the season coach Rainer Schmidt appeared to be to a large extent content. After a false start in Kaiserslautern, the team increased significantly, and apart from the catastrophic performance against Grünwettersbach, the team showed a really good will to win.
With 11:7 they achieved a positive balance, of course already a bit away from the outstanding table leader NSU Neckarsulm (18:0).
Rainer Schmidt was particularly surprised by the strong performance of Laurens Devos (13:4). He hopes that Filip Cipin (7:5) and Tom Eise (7:6) will increase his lead in the back series. Björn Baum’s balance with 8:3 leaves nothing to be desired. The poor yield in the doubles is also due to the rare combination of three left-handers.
After a very short Christmas break it continues already on 5 January with the play in Neckarsulm.

In the women’s singles the expectations before the season were more than fulfilled. With 16:0 points the girls are at the top of the table in the 2nd Bundesliga. Both top games against the biggest competitors Uentrop and Weil could be won at home narrowly, an indication that the second half of the season is equipped with heavy away games.
With an average of 160 spectators, the TTC 46 is at the very front of the second league, sometimes even well ahead of the matches in the first league. All the more painful is the recent refusal of the association to allow women to play in league 1 and men in parallel.

The goal of the team was a place among the best three. This was to be achieved. All players fit together very well in terms of sport and people. With Daria Trigolos and Luisa Säger a strong front pair cross is available, and with Jennie Wolf, Mallika Bhandarkar, Iryna Motsyk and Hanna Patseyeva there are many possibilities to vary especially in the back pair cross.

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