TTC men lose as expected in Neckarsulm

Clear defeat at the start of the second round

Realistically, anything but a clear defeat at the hands of league dominator NSU Neckarsulm would have been a surprise. And so the men of TTC 46 Weinheim came home in the third table tennis Bundesliga also with a 1:6-pack, the Neckarsulmer increase their seasonal balance to 20:0.

The quartet from the neighbouring city of Heilbronn followed the 6:3 in Weinheim with an even clearer result, and only in the singles of Laurens Devos and Björn Baum did the TTC crew come up with something countable, when they managed to save the victory against Julian Mohr/Josef Braun after being trailing 1:2. Filip Cipin and Tom Eise had to give in to Florian Bluhm and Jens Schabacker 1:3.

lorian Bluhm’s games against Filip Cipin and Julian Mohr’s against Laurens Devos were quickly over, each with 3-0. Björn Baum fought his way through against Josef Braun in sets 3 and 4, but was ultimately defeated; Tom Eise had no chance against Jens Schabacker.
Laurens Devos secured another set against Florian Bluhm, but that was it.

The quartet will have the opportunity to present themselves more successfully again next Sunday at their home game against FC Bayern Munich, when the ladies (against NSU Neckarsulm) will again take part in the action.

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