TTC 46 Weinheim: Home opener with surprising result

Unexpected loss of points by the ladies

The almost 200 spectators experienced a rollercoaster of emotions at the first home appearance of the two Bundesliga teams of TTC 46 Weinheim. While the men’s team finally won 6-2 against FC Bayern Munich in the third division south, the women trembled to a 5-5 draw and thus lost the first point in the current round.

Luisa Säger had to give up a mission due to illness, but even without her, they were sure that they would have to make do against NSU Neckarsulm, the second-last team in the second division who were threatened with relegation. Daria Trigolos and Jennie Wolf in the front, Iryna Motsyk and Hanna Patseyeva in the rear pairing cross have shown enough class so far to be able to assume an overall victory.

Daria Trigolos and Jennie Wolf also formed the doubles and took the lead with a 3-0 win over Wenna Tu/Rebecca Mohr, which was immediately levelled when Motsyk/Patseyeva lost just as clearly against Harabaszova/Hessenthaler.
Afterwards Daria Trigolos didn’t give her opponent Wenna Tu the slightest chance, and Jennie Wolf also gave Lenka Harabaszova a 3-1 lead. Everything seemed to go according to plan, but the matches in the back pair cross went to Neckarsulm with 2:3 each. Iryna Motsyk caught up in the sets 1 and 3 against the highly motivated Kathrin Hessenthaler, but had to give up, won 2 and 4 clearly, but was finally narrowly defeated. Hanna Patseyeva was leading 2:1 and finally lost 3:3.

Daria Trigolos did not do well against Harabaszova either, and their sharp forehand shots were also enough to secure a narrow victory.
Meanwhile, Jennie Wolf had fought Wenna Tu 3-1 after initial difficulties.

Iryna Motsyk got the important fifth point against Rebecca Mohr with 3:1, and Hanna Patseyeva also secured the sets 2 and 3 to a lead, which was finally snatched away from her by Kathrin Hessenthaler.
Cheers on the side of the Neckarsulm players, disappointed faces in the camp of the Weinheim players. This brings ESV Weil up to one point.

Just like before Christmas in the Bavarian capital, the individual matches of the game between TTC 46 and FC Bayern Munich were far from being as clear and one-sided as the overall result of 6:2 might suggest.
Laurens Devos and Björn Baum had to congratulate Schreiner/Plattner after 1:3, but in the individual sets there was only a difference of two balls each. The other double match went to Filip Cipin/Tom Eise, who also only managed to win 3:2.
Also only 3:2 was the result of Laurens Devos against youth national player Daniel Rinderer, only in the final set it was a bit clearer.
Filip Cipin had to allow another equalizer against Florian Schreiner at 1:3.
Tom Eise then had the better end for himself again with 3:1 against Tom Schweiger in tight sets, while Björn Baum had to face Michael Plattner with surprisingly little resistance and contributed a 3-0.
Laurens Devos designed his game as a rollercoaster ride: after 11:9 and 11:1 there was nothing left to balance the sets. After 3:5 in the final set, he turned up to 10:5 again and won.
Filip Cipin was then reserved the final point with his 3:1 victory over Daniel Rinderer.

Once again there were great rallies to see and no one will regret his coming.

Ladies: TTC 46 Weinheim – NSU Neckarsulm 5:5
Men: TTC 46 Weinheim – FC Bayern Munich 6:2
Next home game day only on 15.3.: Ladies – Langweid, Men – Grünwettersbach

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