First season appearance of the TTC men Corona-damaged

This is no fun

Coach Rainer Schmidt sounded quite frustrated after his TTC men’s first season game in the third Bundesliga South. Without spectators, without the starting doubles and with substitutes on both sides – that was not to his taste.

From the guest appearance in Franconia, his quartet brought home a 4-4 point from SB Versbach, the second game of the weekend on Sunday at TTC Wohlbach had to be cancelled, because the hosts Corona could not provide a team “suitable for the Bundesliga”. This game will now be played on Saturday, November 14th at 15:00 hrs.
And also the TTC 46 was affected. Oliver Both, last weekend’s winner of the Daniel-Morsch-Tournament in Viernheim, had been training in Grünwettersbach during the week; but there was a case of corona there which condemned him to quarantine.

In his place, Daniel Berbner joined the quartet, but did not have much to order in the higher league and lost both matches 1:3 each.

Nevertheless, they still hoped for a double point win, since the Versbacher had to replace the complete front pairing cross. But Tom Eise on position 2 did not have his best day and could not prevail against either Daniel Geist or Felix Bindhammer. The new number 1 of the mountain riders, the Croatian Ivan Juzbasic, had joined the team shortly before and with his routine brought both points on the credit side, just like Björn Baum in the back pair cross without any problems against the two followers Thomas Theissmann and Michael Stock.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is expected to affect the team even more often in the further course of the season. Of course all participants hope that a regular round can still be played.

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