TTC 46 sets an exclamation mark

Weinheim second league women win clearly at the start of the season in Berlin and Leipzig

Berlin/Leipzig. At the start of the new second league season, the table tennis players of TTC 46 Weinheim had to make the long journey to Berlin and Leipzig and were able to set an exclamation mark right away. Against the foxes Berlin the Weinheim women achieved a 6:2 success despite strong resistance, and against the Leutzscher Füchse in Leipzig they won even more clearly with 8:0.

The Berliners had to do without their two Indians for corona reasons, and Belarusian Daria Drigolos was also unable to use the TTC 46 because she is currently unable to obtain a visa. Since doubles are not allowed in the higher divisions, Luisa Säger had to play the first singles match and defeated the Czech top player Karolina Mynarova in a thriller in the fifth set. TTC newcomer Lisa Lung kept the upper hand in four sets, all of which, however, were closely matched by the ex-Bundesliga player from Belgium, against the Hungarian player Katalin Jedtke. The second newcomer from Belgium, Margo Degraef, seemed a bit nervous in her first game for Weinheim. She lost against the weaker rated Ann-Marie Dahms in three sets. Just as clearly, however, the strong playing Jennie Wolf won in three sets and established the 3:1 intermediate result. Afterwards Lisa Lung was able to make up for the narrow five-set defeat of Luisa Säger with a clear 3-0 victory over Karolina Mynarova. Jenni Wolf and Margo Degraef, who now played much more relaxed and therefore better, did not let anything burn in the back of the pair’s cross either, so that in the end a clear 6:2 was the result

On Sunday the journey went then further to Leipzig, where the Leutzscher foxes hoped for a successful revenge for the clear defeats in the past year. But this hope was nipped in the bud, because the hosts were literally overrun by clear victories of Säger against Huong Do Thi, Lung against Anna-Marie Helbig, Degraef against Tho Do Thi and Wolf against Krieghoff in the early stages of the game. This was the interim result after only one hour of play 4-0 for the guests from Weinheim.
Even after the half-time break the Leutzscher Füchse were without a chance. The TTC-quartet continued to play concentrated, and won all games in the second round without any danger and celebrated an 8:0 victory in the end. With four points in their luggage they started their journey home. After the game, TTC board member Christian Säger said: “That was a great team performance to build on. But the really tough tasks in the fight for the championship are still ahead of us”.

On Saturday, October 10th at 2 pm the TTC ladies will play in their own hall against the championship candidate TuS Uentrop and the men in the 3rd Bundesliga against TV Leiselheim. HK

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