Women win important victory against Uentrop, men draw against Leiselheim

The TTC 46 Weinheim defies Corona

It was the first home match day of the Bundesliga teams of TTC 46 Weinheim, and everything seemed to be the same as always: more than a hundred spectators did not want to miss this event – but on closer inspection the gaps caused by the distance rules could not be overlooked after all. And, of course, the masks changed the picture when, during the presentation of the teams, everyone had to hide behind textile, as did everyone else when they were not seated.
Above all, however, in the background everything took a completely different course. Corona had caused a lot of fuss here as well. The team line-ups were questionable until shortly before the start, and the hall construction required special care in order to comply with the hygiene concepts of the country, city and federation.

In the women’s event, the TuS Uentrop came from a district of the Corona hotspot in Hamm, which should have been in Offenburg on Sunday. Since one of the players there is infected, this game was postponed, and thus the team from Hamm was spared the problem of having to stay in a hotel when there was a ban on accommodation.

At TTC 46 Weinheim the two Belgian players had to be “negative” for a border crossing, there were still long question marks. Without a visa for the Belarusian Daria Trigolos, the team lined up on its own, so to speak

In the end, the TTC 46 team was able to extend the previous series of the season to 6:0, when they scored a 5:3 victory and thus took the wind out of the sails of a self-appointed title contender.
Lisa Lung as the number one player was able to beat Yuki Tsutsui 3:1, and Luisa Säger also fought her way to a 3:2 victory in a close match against Bernadett Balint, when she had to go overtime after 5:0 and 9:5 in the deciding set.
It was also close between Jennie Wolf and Nadine Sillus with a narrow victory for Jennie.
Margo Degraef did not yet reach the necessary level, she lost smoothly against Airi Avameri and in the end also against Nadine Sillus with a narrow 2:3 victory. But Lisa Lung with a surprisingly clear 3-0 win over Bernadett Balint and Luisa Säger with a 3-2 win over Yuki Tsutsui had already set the course for victory. Jennie Wolf also seemed to be quite off the mark against Airi Avameri in the 0:3.
So the TTC ladies can continue to sunbathe at the top of the table.

Lisa Lung outstanding with 6:0 in singles and 6:0 with the team

In the men’s singles, Oliver Both, who had been missing for a long time due to a positive test, had reported ready for action during the week, while the entry of the two Spaniards into the country was long in question for the guests from TV Leiselheim. But in the end both teams were able to compete in the best line-up and an exciting match developed with a final score of 4:4.

Surprisingly, the new number 1 of TTC 46 Ivan Juzbasic had to give up this match after a 2-0 set lead against Alberto Lillo with 2:3, and also against Carlos Franco he could not show his best table tennis and lost 1:3. Tom Eise fought his way up to 2:2 against Carlos Franco after 0:2, but had to congratulate the second Spaniard, as well as Oliver Both congratulated the Romanian Vladimir Anca. Only Björn Baum managed to beat Adam Janicki 3-1 in the first round to make it 1-3 at halftime.
The 1:4 after Ivan’s defeat was followed by victories to the final performance-related draw. Tom Eise fought Alberto Lillo down after he had fallen behind. Björn Baum motivated himself with strong primal screams to a success against Vladimir Anca, and Oliver Both also showed a good performance against Adam Janicki, which resulted in a 4:4 victory.

Team captain Björn Baum complained that there should and could have been more in the first half, but overall he was quite satisfied with the final result and thus the second point and confident that he could still play a good role in the league.

The efforts of those responsible had been worthwhile: despite the current restrictions, an outstanding event was achieved not only from a sporting point of view, which showed that such events are possible with responsible action.

2nd Bundesliga ladies: TTC 46 Weinheim – TuS Uentrop 5:3
3rd Bundesliga South Men: TTC 46 Weinheim – TV Leiselheim 4:4

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