First point in difficult away matches

Ladies of the TTC 46 Weinheim gain momentum

The sobering 1:6 defeat in the opening match was followed by a sensational improvement at the weekend. In the two away encounters against teams from last year’s top half of the table, the promoted team showed a clear improvement and delivered a strong performance in Schwabhausen in the 3:6 defeat. On Sunday at last season’s second place in the table, they were then able to celebrate the first point from the 5:5 at SV DJK Kolbermoor.
From the currently available squad of six players, Lisa Lung could/must stay at home this time, and coach Andreas Dörner made a tree change in the doubles.
At TSV Schwabhausen, he had Daria Trigolos and Sophia Klee together at the plate, who also harmonized excellently and won smoothly against Jeger/Nagyvaradi. Luisa Säger and Jennie Wolf lost just as easily against Winter/Orsolya.
The semi-finalist of the German Championships and doubles champion Sabine Winter was one size too big for Daria Trigolos and later for Caroline Kumahara, but Caroline was able to win her first singles match against Mateja Jeger. The score remained tied 3:3 after the first singles after Sophia Klee’s 3:2 win against Mercedesz Nagyvaradi and Luisa Säger’s 0:3 defeat. After that, however, there was nothing more to get for the Weinheim women.
Kumahara against Winter, Daria Trigolos against Mateja Jeger and Luisa Säger against Nagyvaradi lost, whereby Luisa had to concede the winning point to the hosts despite an improvement in performance in the decisive set. Next door, Sophia Klee was on her way to an overall draw with a set lead.
Just missed.
This draw was the result on Sunday against SV DJK Kolbermoor, although it looked like a 3:6 draw.
New doubles pairings on the part of TTC 46 brought a surprising 2:0 lead for TTC 46. Andreas Dörner took a bit of a risk when he tore apart the well-rehearsed pairing of Säger/Wolf, but the success proved him right. Caroline Kumahara and Luisa Säger won 3:0 against Lang/Pranjkovic, Daria Trigolos and Sophia Klee secured a 3:2 against Ganina/Wan after trailing 1:2. The singles in the front pair cross went to the hosts: Kristin Lang was successful with 3:2 against Daria Trigolos, Yuan Wan defeated Caroline Kumahara with 3:1. Svetlana Ganina had little trouble with Jennie Wolf, but again Sophia Klee showed herself to be strong as an ox and restored the tie against Naomi Pranjkovic.
Kristin Lang was also too strong for Caroline Kumahara, and at 4:3 the next two singles initially went in favor of the hosts with 2:0 set leads each. But Daria Trigolos turned the match in her favor, while Sophia Klee had no chance against Svetlana Ganina.
It was left to Jennie Wolf to secure the first point for the TTC 46 in the first Bundesliga with a 3:1 win against Naomi Pranjkovic. Highly satisfied, the team with coach Andreas Dörner and board member Christian Säger could start the long return journey.
A clear improvement compared to the 1:6 against Bingen lets us look forward to the next matches with more confidence. On 17.10. the next top-class opponent TSV Langstadt comes to the Heisenberghalle, one week later the top favorite ttc berlin eastside, before “doable” opponents are on the program.
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