Draw after an even match

TTC men get draw in Jena. Corona strikes in Hohenstein

The tour to the East could only take place halfway. The match planned for Saturday in Hohenstein-Ernstthal fell through because Corona also crippled players of the hosts. So the TTC 46 Weinheim squad will have to make another trip to Saxony at some point.
A little less far it went to Jena on Sunday, where with SV SCHOTT an opponent on eye level was waiting.
Still without the scheduled number 1, they met old acquaintances from many previous encounters. Pavol Mego, Roman Rezetka and Leonhard Süß have already crossed the rackets with players of the TTC 46 several times, only the Slovak Tibor Spanik is new.
The match was really balanced and the score was always tied, even at the very end when the score was 5:5.
Mego/Spanik had won against Oliver Both and Alexander Gerhold three times with 11:9; Tom Eise and Björn Baum equalized after losing the first set against Rezetka/Süß.
Pavol Mego first kept Björn Baum in check at 3:1, later also Tom Eise with 3:0.
The two players from Weinheim held off Jena’s number 2 Roman Rezetka, Tom Eise with 3:2, Björn Baum with 3:1.
In the back pair, Tibor Spanik came up trumps, conceding only the first set to Alexander Gerhold, then easily pulling away, just as he did against Oliver Both. Here, too, the Weinheimers took revenge by winning against Leonhard Süß, whereby Oliver Both had much more trouble in the 3:2.
The TTC 46 was thus able to add another point to its credit side, but it is still not enough to get away from the bottom of the table. Fortunately, the team is growing together well, fighting and cheering from the sidelines. And maybe we can hope for reinforcements for the second half of the season.

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