Preview Women 2021/22

Excitement mounts at TTC 46 Weinheim ahead of new season

Free admission to the ladies’ first home match

The TTC 46 and its fans are feverishly anticipating the start of the Bundesliga season. Feverishly, of course, also because the Corona numbers could well lead to restrictions again until September and beyond. Currently, things are looking good in this respect !
Especially in focus is naturally the first women’s team, which after two rounds with the championship title this time dares the promotion to the elite class.
Now it goes off already on 5 September with the first play day of the new round with the Heimspielbegegnung with the TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim – equal to an explosive play, with which an opponent from the lower table half is to guest, which one should take a few points, does not want one from the outset against the descent to fight.

On the Friday before, the players come together for the first time almost completely for the team presentation. While Brazilian Bruna Takahashi is in Japan for a tournament and will probably not be in Germany for the first half of the season, her compatriot Caroline Kumahara will be living and training in the country and will therefore also be available for the matches.
The situation is more difficult for Daria Trigolos, who has to deal with considerable travel restrictions in her home country of Belarus, but who is nevertheless certainly expected by board member Christian Säger.In contrast, it should be problem-free for Lisa Lung from Belgium to enter Germany and be ready for the missions. The three Germans, Luisa Säger, Sophia Klee and Jennie Wolf, are naturally advantaged in this respect.

Now, on September 3, the new women’s coach Andreas Dörner will gather his flock for the presentation of the team to the press and sponsors and then for the first joint training session, also to be able to determine the lineup and doubles pairings. But with this squad of six players, there should be no shortage of personnel.

The 34-year-old Andreas Dörner has already started at the age of 16 to gain first experiences in the coaching field at his home club, the TTG Neckarbischofsheim. Over the years, he has expanded this commitment more and more and at the same time started to work at the state base in Heilbronn, whose management he took over about 6 years ago. He sees his new task in Weinheim as new territory for him as well, since he has mainly been involved in junior competitive sports up to now. “But I am looking forward to the challenge in the 1st Bundesliga, as hopefully is the entire club. I think it’s great and brave that the players and the club are now taking the big step of ‘promotion’ after years of dominating the 2nd division!”
He believes he can send a competitive team to the start. “Nevertheless, as a promoted team and also on paper, we are absolute outsiders, so the season’s goal can only be to stay in the class.” Whether this succeeds will, from his point of view, strongly depend on the line-up in which the team itself, but also all opposing teams can compete in each case. Entry and exit restrictions, hygiene concepts or the still incomplete international tournament calendar after the Corona break have so far made long-term planning very difficult for the players and those responsible. Here it is important to look from game to game and remain flexible.
Another important piece of the puzzle for a successful season will be how the players deal with the challenge of the “1st Bundesliga”. After years with many victories and successes in League 2, the TTC 46 will mostly be underdogs in the Bundesliga. It is important to quickly put defeats behind us in order to be able to give everything again in the next match. 80% will probably not be enough against anyone in this class!

“Of course, I would be happy if we could offer the hopefully numerous spectators in Weinheim also in the 1st Bundesliga great table tennis sport and especially also good fighting performances against the mostly favored competition,” adds Andreas Dörner.

According to the current plans of the state government of Baden-Württemberg, things are looking good for spectator numbers in the sports hall. With the 3G concept ( Convalescent – Vaccinated – Tested ), there are no longer any numerical restrictions on sports competition events.
Thus, it can become a great event on September 5 at the first home game.
As a treat, the TTC 46 will grant free admission to this match.
All other 6 home games of the ladies experience them best with the season ticket, which is also valid for the 10 parallel games of the men 1 (3. Bundesliga-Süd) and the ladies 2 (Regionalliga Südwest) – to order over for 50 €.

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