Preview Women 2019/20

The ladies of the TTC 46 Weinheim are striving for a top position again

Reinforced into the new season

As a goal for the new season, board member Christian Säger has clearly again a place in the top three of the table. After the championship in the last round and the prevented promotion, this goal is quite realistic, since only one departure (Leonie Hartbrich), but a very good new entry for the front pair cross can be registered. In addition, there is a very young US-American in the team for some games.

With Daria Trigolos, Säger was able to hire a very strong young player, who will be the new number 1 of the TTC 46. Together with Luisa Säger she took part in the European Youth Championship 2016 in doubles. At the European Games 2019 in her hometown Minsk she represented her team Belarus as number 2 of her country.
Daria Trigolos will be able to inspire many spectators with her attractive way of playing. She is very ambitious and certainly a winner for the entire club.

Luisa Säger continues to play in the front pair cross, where she was able to achieve one of the best results last season. Due to her dual studies, which she started in August 2019 at ABB Mannheim, she may not always be available.

Rachel Sung, a 15-year-old young American who will be used several times in the European season, is a new addition.
It is expected that all spectators will be able to experience her live in the hall for the second home match against Uentrop on 13.10.19.
Due to good contacts to the national coach of the USA, board member Christian Säger managed to win her and her twin sister Joanna for the TTC 46. Rachel will serve in the 2nd Bundesliga, while her sister Joanna will start in the regional league team.

Jennie Wolf will serve as the new number 4 in the rear pair cross and hopefully score many points for her TTC 46. The likeable player feels very comfortable at the TTC 46 and enters her third season for the Bergsträsser.

Mallika Bhandarkar will also play her third round in Weinheim and will not be available for all games due to her studies.

With Iryna Motsyk and Hanna Patseyeva two more good players are available for the team. They will have both in the regional league at the front and in the 2nd Bundesliga bets. Especially Iryna Motsyk played herself into the hearts of many spectators with her uncompromising game.

With this line-up, Christian Säger and coach Shen Zhujun are confident that they will be able to take the lead in the 2019/20 season. However, it must be remembered that the team will not always compete in the best line-up. They will be rocking and all the players will be on the field.

The two teams from ESV Weil and TuS Uentrop as well as MTV Tostedt will certainly be strengthened and will be among the title candidates for the 2nd Bundesliga.

The southern Baden team from Weil will again have the number 1 and best player of the 2017/18 season, Ievgenija Vasylieva, at their disposal after her baby break, as well as Polina Trifonova from TTK Großburgwedel. Last season Trifonova played with 26:9 victories the third best result of all players of the league.

TuS Uentrop also signed a great new number 1 with Bernadett Balint from Romania. With her and the rest of the team a great team with the goal “championship” on their cards.
Although their names remain unchanged, last year’s third MTV Tostedt will still be strong.

With the Füchse Berlin, the Baden neighbour DJK Offenburg and the TTC Langweid, the women will meet three new competitors, with Offenburg returning to the league.

The women’s second Bundesliga has a very attractive line-up and once again offers many delicacies for the spectators.

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