Preview Men 2020/21

Men of the TTC 46 Weinheim want a place in the front field again

Still many question marks

For the new season it was and is still difficult to plan, because in times of Corona there are still some question marks behind the start of the laps. For example, the schedule is not yet final, and whether the Spvgg Effeltrich will be allowed to play is not yet decided by the DTTB.
However, the TTC 46 has done its homework very early and has put together the new team, after the complete front pair cross has left.

Filip Cipin moved to his home country to Croatia and Laurens Devos moved to the 2nd league to Bad Hamm.
New in the team is the experienced Ivan Juzbasic, who comes from the second league team Fortuna Passau to the Bergstrasse and will be the new number 1 of the team. TTC 46’s second newcomer will be in 4th position, Oliver Both is moving from the regional league to the 3rd league from 1.FSV Mainz 05 and wants to take the next step into higher spheres here with his only 17 years of age.
The team will be completed by Tom Eise on position 2, who, after good performances in the last two years, now wants to live up to his claim and wants to compete with the strong competition of the front pair cross of the 3rd league. Still in the team and not to imagine Weinheim without Björn Baum, who after many years with TTC 46 is no longer the oldest player of the team after the arrival of Juzbasic. At position 5 Dragan Subotic is still eligible to play, but it is doubtful whether he will be used.

With the new team, TTC’s manager Christian Säger and coach Rainer Schmidt hope that the mixture of young and old will harmonise well together and that they will be able to play a role in the front midfield again in the coming season, sometimes even with the chance to advance to the top group.
Certainly the team cannot compensate 100% for the losses of Devos and Cipin, but Rainer Schmidt also does not necessarily see the other teams in the 3rd division strengthened, so that the 2019/20 season goal of a place between 3-5 could be repeated in the coming season.

It will be important for the team to get through the season without injury. Since there is no adequate substitute available, it is assumed that Subotic will still not be able to play.
Tom Eise will also have to improve and try to get more consistency in his game if he wants to pass in the front pairing cross. Björn Baum, last season’s point guarantor and in what feels like the fifth spring, will continue to want and have to master the balancing act between family, job and table tennis, which will not be an easy task.

The youngster of the team remains Oliver Both. He certainly has future potential, but whether he will be able to exchange this for points in the coming season remains to be seen. It will be important that the coach Rainer Schmidt can take the pressure off him so that he can play free in the 3rd league.

Since the teams all have lower their sights and many new and unknown players will also hand in their business card, there will probably be no over-team like last year’s NSU Neckarsulm. One can be curious about the completely renovated neighbours and relegated players from the 2nd league TV Leiselheim, who might be aiming for a direct promotion. But also the relegated Sportbund Stuttgart, an old acquaintance of the Weinheimers, has assembled a powerful team that will be hard to crack. But if you want to pick a favourite, you have to name the team from Hohenstein-Ernstthal, which has been strengthened enormously with Michael Benes from league rival Wohlbach. Here, the championship will probably only be won by the team from the notorious “Green Hell”, from the birthplace of Karl May.
But Corona could play an important role for all the teams if the restrictions on travel and play become stricter again.

The TTC 46 hopes to play a good role with its troupe in the coming season and is of course counting on the support of the spectators in Weinheim again, if the circumstances allow it.
Here it is just to wait and possibly every week to think anew!

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