Preview Men 2019/20

The men of the TTC 46 Weinheim are again aiming for places 3 to 5.

Once again strengthened in the new round

With a new top player, the men of the TTC 46 Weinheim set out to again achieve one of the ranks in the front midfield of the 3rd Table Tennis Bundesliga South.

As in the last two years, the team has hardly changed. All last year’s players remained on board, although it remains to be seen how Dragan Subotic’s protracted shoulder injury will develop and whether he will be available this season at all. “But as a back-up it would be a big gain for us if we had an adequate replacement in case another player is injured,” coach Rainer Schmidt sees the situation a bit more relaxed than in the previous round, when the replacement from the association league often could not do much.

Rainer Schmidt with Björn Baum, Dragan Subotic, Filip Cipin and Tom Eise

Laurens Devos, a young, hungry player from Belgium, is a new addition and will certainly make our team a little stronger. The name Devos is not unknown in Weinheim, and it is hoped that Laurens can follow in the footsteps of his big brother Robin, who went to the flats for the TTC 46 in 2012 for three years and is now active in the top league in Jülich. Since Laurens has a slight leg impairment, he also participates in the Paralympics. In 2018 he became world champion in class 9.

“The only drawback here is that we now have three left-handers in the team, which will not make it easy to set up two good double pairings. But here we have to test and then nominate the two best possible pairings”, Rainer Schmidt sees some work ahead of him.

As in the last years, the TTC 46 has a team that will try to play at the top. “It won’t be enough for the very front again, here I see the relegated Neckarsulm and also the promoted Kaiserslautern in front. Also Wöschbach has strengthened itself enormously, but will probably not compete again some games completely, so that no forecast can be made here. The politics of the club is questionable here! is Schmidt’s assessment.

For the team the goal should be 3 – 5 again. The wide midfield of the league will certainly bring curious results with it, and so victory or defeat will often decide the daily form. “If there are no injuries, the relegation will not be an issue for us”, Schmidt is sure, “especially since I hope that Tom Eise and Filip Cipin will further stabilize last year’s results”. It won’t be any easier for Björn Baum, who will continue to be the only one in the team to have to reconcile the triple burden of family, career and sport – not an easy task at the age of 37.

In any case, coach and team are looking forward to the new season and hope to be able to continue to offer the spectators in Weinheim attractive table tennis, which they will hopefully reward with their numerous visits, as they have done in recent years.

On September 28th, the troupe will start off with one of the title favourites, the rising star TSG Kaiserslautern, before the first home game against the other rising star SB Versbach will take place the next day, again as usual in parallel with the ladies who invite the Leutzscher foxes to dance.

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