End of the story ?

Men of the TTC 46 Weinheim lose also against direct competitor, ladies II further without defeat

End of the story ?

Another defeat at the end of the year – even against the other cellar children of the third Bundesliga, no points were won. With three teams relegated at the end of the season, there is no way to avoid going down to the lower leagues.
The guests were TTC Wohlbach, who, with two wins last weekend, have moved into the midfield of the table, while coach Rainer Schmidt’s men have settled at the bottom of the table with just three points.
With 2:6 was also not to be seen, how one could free oneself from this awkward situation.

In the doubles of Tom Eise and Björn Baum perhaps still something would have been in it. They won the first and the third set against Rosenberg/Forkel convincingly. The second set they had to give away in overtime; after that nothing worked out for them. Oliver Both and Alexander Gerhold had no chance against Kovac/Grozdanov.
Tom Eise showed against Roman Rosenberg what could be possible. His 3:1 win brought the first point. But Björn Baum had to concede the old 2-point gap again against Borna Kovac.
Oliver Both showed fighting qualities, evened out a 0:2, but was far behind from the start in the deciding set.
Alexander Gerhold confirmed his good form with a 3:0 win against Grozdan Grozdanov, but that was it – Tom Eise and Björn Baum had nothing to offer their opponents Kovac and Rosenberg. The flat defeat against a direct competitor was a fact.

The whole preliminary round the team of Rainer Schmidt had to get along without the announced number 1 Payas Jain from India, with whom one cannot count probably also in the second round really. But even then, would it has been different ? So Alexander Gerhold was the only one who could achieve a positive result with 6:5.

The second women’s team of the TTC 46 is in a completely different position – after two further clear victories, it occupies the unchallenged top position in the Southwest Regional League. An 8:2 against 1.FC Saarbrücken was followed by a 7:3 against TTC Mülheim-Urmitz/Bhf on Sunday.

One of the two outstanding players of the preliminary round for the TTC 46 was the Slovakian Nikoleta Puchovanova, who, like Julia Kaim (SSV Schönmünzach), came to 16:2 victories. Only four matches were played by Belarusian Hanna Patseyeva with 7:1 wins, who was then successfully represented by Melissa Friedrich ( 12:4 ) in the front pair cross. Sara Hartmann, Julia Hölzel and Celin Ermler took the free places and as a team ensured the great overall balance of 16:2, with which they earned a 5-point lead after the conclusion of the preliminary round.

Against Saarbrücken, Nikoleta Puchovanova and Melissa Friedrich each scored twice, while Julia Hölzel and Sara Hartmann couldn’t handle defender Lisa Wang.
Against the guests from Mülheim, who arrived with only 3 players, it was quickly 5:0 after victories of the double Puchovanova/Ermler and close wins in the deciding set by Nikoleta and Melissa as well as the two matches without a fight. The decisive sixth point was already secured by Nikoleta, plus the one from the last match without an opponent.

All in all ladies power at the TTC 46 – also the ladies III are absolutely top.

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