Great games, sensational rallies

Ladies of the TTC 46 Weinheim are defeated by TSV Langstadt with 2:6

Without three players, it was already clear before the start of the match that nothing would be won against one of the top teams in German women’s table tennis.
But the girls really sold themselves magnificently.
After coach Andreas Dörner had to do without Bruna Takahashi, who was still recovering in Brazil, and Mateja Jeger, who had to sit out the match, Giorgia Piccolin called in sick at short notice with a middle ear infection and fever, so that once again Luisa Säger and Jennie Wolf, who had less training due to work, had to slip into the team.

The two together in the doubles got against Franziska Schreiner and Tanja Krämer also then hardly a sting and lost smoothly with 0:3.
At the other table, the top players dueled, on the Weinheim side Yuan Wan and Sophia Klee, who had moved up to position two, and for Langstadt their newcomer Minnie Soo alongside Chantal Mantz. Here, a highly dramatic match developed, as the guests were able to equalize the loosely played 2:0 lead of Wan/Klee with 11:9 each. In the deciding set, the Weinheimers were clearly ahead several times, but in the end it was still close, with an 11:9 in favor of the TTC 46.

The first two top singles offered table tennis at its best. Both Yuan Wan against her frequent doubles partner Chantal Mantz and Sophia Klee, who moved from position 5 to the front pair, against Hong Kong Chinese Minnie Soo won the first two sets and seemed to be on the winning track.
However, the next set went to the guests, and Sophia could not break through a 9:6 lead in the fourth set. So the fifth set had to decide, and at 15:50 within seconds the match luck tilted in Langstadt’s direction as both matches tipped very narrowly in their favor.

While Luisa Säger was quite equal despite reduced practice and even managed to take a set from Tanja Krämer, Jennie Wolf didn’t manage too much against Franziska Schreiner at 0:3. The intermediate score of 1:5 left little hope for anything worthwhile.

The match of the top players went surprisingly clear to Yuan Wan, who had few problems against Minnie Soo and won clearly 3:0.
The final decision was made next door in the match between Sophia Klee and Chantal Mantz.
Really high-class rallies in the first round and a back and forth match finally resulted in a 19:17 for Sophia, but after that Chantal Mantz prevailed quite clearly and sealed the 6:2, a respectable result considering the losses on the Weinheim side.

With about 250 spectators, among them OB Manuel Just with daughter, the game found a worthy backdrop, and no one should have regretted coming, there were extremely exciting matches and a top level.
For the coming Sunday, 14:00 o’clock, the TTC 46 can plan against the ESV Weil again with its regular line-up and then hope again for a point win.


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