Preview Women 2022/23

Even stronger into the next season with three new additions

No sooner is the season over for the women’s table tennis team of the TTC 46 Weinheim than plans for the next round become public knowledge. Behind the scenes, of course, preparations have been underway for a long time.
Even though the club had not yet fully secured its place in the league, board member Christian Säger was able to announce the continuation of top player Bruna Takahashi’s contract a few weeks ago. The family atmosphere in the club and in the team also played a role, because the financial offers from other clubs were sometimes higher.
Testimony to the friendship that has grown was also the tearful farewell of Daria Trigolos and Lisa Lung, who are leaving the TTC 46 after several years.

In the premiere season, staying in the league was the declared goal, which could now also be secured in the last games.
Now for the second year one puts oneself already higher goal marks.
Board and manager Christian Säger could win three strong players from the first federal league, which acted in their past associations partly even in the front pair cross and throughout as reinforcement can be regarded.
This was also made possible by a new sponsor, who greatly increased the available budget for the first team.

With Yuan Wan from Kolbermoor, Giorgia Piccolin from Bingen and Mateja Jeger from Schwabhausen, very strong and experienced players from the Bundesliga could be signed up, who have gained experience both internationally and in the German Bundesliga. The entire club as well as the team itself will be able to benefit from this.
With the world-class player Bruna Takahashi (14:2 record) and the remaining players Sophia Klee, Luisa Säger and Jennie Wolf, coach Andy Dörner has a strong and, above all, broadly positioned team at his disposal.

Yuan Wan, born on 23.5.1997 in Eberswalde, joins the team from SV DJK Kolbermoor.

Her father Gouhui Wan came to the TTC 46 for the promotion of the men’s team to the second Bundesliga for the 2009/10 season, played here for 4 years and could surely tell his daughter about the good atmosphere here.
For Kolbermoor, she was in action in the front pair cross in the last round and also crossed the rackets with the TTC players. In total, she achieved a record of 8:15.
She is a German national player. In 2016, she won the doubles title with Chantal Mantz at the German Championships in Bielefeld. At the first U-21 European Championships in 2017, she won silver in singles after losing in the final to Chantal Mantz.
She has been playing in the 1st Bundesliga since 2014, initially with TTG Bingen / Münster-Sarmsheim, and since 2020 with SV DJK Kolbermoor.

The second newcomer is the Italian Giorgia Piccolin, born 15.1.1996 in Bolzano.

She played for TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim since 2018, in the last round at position 2 with an overall record of 4-9, although she had to take a break at the beginning of this year due to an injury.
She became Italian Champion three times in a row ( 2018 – 2021 ), participated in 6 World and 8 European Championships and achieved her best result at the last World Championships by reaching the best 64.

As another newcomer Christian Säger can now introduce Mateja Jeger.
The Croatian – born 13.1.1995 in Zagreb – played for TSV Schwabhausen since 2019 and met and defeated both Luisa Säger and Jennie Wolf back in the second league times. For Schwabhausen, she was last registered at position 4 with an overall record of 12-7.
The youngest player ever, she played in the Champions League at age 13, competed for Team Europe at the Intercontinental Tournament in India in her final year as a Cadet, was invited to Singapore in 2010 for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games and has competed in a total of 10 European Youth Championships. Best result was a third place finish in 2010.
Best results as an adult was a round of the last 32 at the 2018 European Championships and a bronze medal in doubles at the 2017 Croatia Open.

The team is now well prepared with Bruna Takahashi (2260 QTTR points), Yuan Wan (2156), Giorgia Piccolin (2137), Mateja Jeger (2138), Sophia Klee (2068), Luisa Säger (2048) and Jennie Wolf (2036), even if Bruna is not always available due to her participation in international tournaments.

By staying in the league, a new main sponsor could be won, through whose contribution the budget of the women’s national league team became significantly higher. As a result, board member and manager Christian Säger was able to bring these reinforcements to Weinheim  and thus establish Weinheim as a table tennis Bundesliga location.
The target for the coming round is a place among the top six, which would entitle the team to participate in the play-off matches to determine the German champion – not an unjustified hope with this team.
The TTC 46 Weinheim also hopes to expand the spectator average of about 150 per game in the new season and to be able to attract many new people interested in table tennis to the home games in the hall of the Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium with the new team.
Season tickets will be offered again and the TTC 46 hopes for many buyers.

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