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TTC Weinheim: Men I and Ladies II play in parallel

The new round with many question marks

The men also still play in the Bundesliga! A lot of attention has been focused on the ladies I of the TTC 46 Weinheim, who dare the promotion to the first league. This means that they are now no longer allowed to play in the attractive parallel match days with the men.
Therefore, the TTC 46 has set up the dates of the home matches of the men in the 3rd Bundesliga South and those of the ladies II in the Regionalliga Southwest at the same time, in order to be able to offer the spectators high-class table tennis on four tables again.

For men’s coach Rainer Schmidt, the new round certainly raises questions again about how it will take its course under the sign of Corona. “Our team relies on the proven forces Tom Eise and Björn Baum. Oliver Both was not able to make his mark as hoped in the last round, as only a few games could be played. But I hope he was able to train well despite the circumstances and improve.”
New to the team is 16-year-old Indian Payas Jain. “With him, we certainly have a playful number 1 on board again, but the important thing here will be that he can actually make very many games for us. If he drops out, it will be difficult to compete against any team.”
With Alexander Gerhold, we have been able to sign an “old” acquaintance for our team. He played at youth level for TTV Weinheim-West, then in Neckarsulm and Borsum. Now he studies in Mannheim and is therefore also regularly in training on site.

“With this, we finally also have a desired fifth player in the team, on whom one can build, should a failure threaten. It has always been my wish to start with five players, as it simply offers more options.” Too often, replacements from the Badenliga team had to be fed.

Schmidt is not expecting an easy round, as he definitely no longer considers his team to be in the top third of the league, even though most of the other teams have not strengthened significantly either. He hopes that despite the additional playing days of the ladies I the support of the spectators for the men remains similarly large, there are nevertheless together with the ladies II likewise attractive appearances.
2nd and 3rd ladies of the TTC 1946 Weinheim start the season in a positive mood.

After the cancellation of the last round, the second women’s team of the TTC will start again in the Southwest Regional League. With the addition of Melissa Friedrich from Neckarbischofsheim, the team was able to gain an important support. Besides Melissa, Nikoleta Puchovanova from Slovakia as well as Hanna Patseyeva and Ulyana Aklhouskaya from Belarus continue to play. We will have to wait and see how they will be able to travel. At the back of the park, Jasmin Wolf, Julia Hölzel, Celin Ermler, Wiebke Haas and Sara Hartmann will take turns. Lisa Gu, who last played in the regional league in Mühlheim-Urmitz, has already joined us for the second half of the season.

Whether there is a real favorite in the regional league is hard to say. Many of the teams show a similarly strong lineup, so there will certainly be many exciting games. In its best lineup, the second women’s team of the TTC would probably have a good chance of promotion to the 3rd Bundesliga, but it remains to be seen what the round will bring.
The third women’s team played in the Badenliga last round, from which the new Verbandsoberliga class was formed. This class is located below the Oberliga. The northern clubs from Baden-Württemberg play in it. Julia Weimer, Anke Haas, Conny Klump, Celin Ermler, Wiebke Haas, Sara Hartmann and Kristina Weber will be competing.
The team has set itself the goal of advancing to the upper league. But the competition is not to be underestimated. Let’s see who will come out on top in the end.

As mentioned, the men and the women II play their home games together in the Heisenberg-Halle, the men 10 times, for the women once less.
The first matchday on October 10 sees DJK Spvgg Effeltrich and DJK Offenburg II as opponents.
The TTC 46 offers season tickets for all games of the ladies I and the parallel games men I / ladies II at a price of 50 euros.
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