TTC 46 enters the new round of the women’s table tennis Bundesliga with a stronger team

The TTC 46 Weinheim has a lot planned in the women’s division in the coming season.
After promotion before the last round to the elite class of German women’s table tennis and staying in the class by a narrow margin, those responsible would like to at least launch an attack on the midfield places and make it to the playoff final of the best six.
Through a new sponsor, the Altindal Group, manager Christian Säger had the opportunity to strengthen the team with some new additions. The Brazilian Bruna Takahashi remains as the top player and the still young Sophia Klee as another valuable team member.
In addition, there are three top players with Bundesliga experience in Yuan Wan, Mateja Jeger and Giorgia Piccolin. Luisa Säger and Jennie Wolf, who have proven themselves in the background, are also ready and waiting.


A team introduction: Yuan Wan                      

Yuan Wan was just in the headlines. At the German Championships in Saarbrücken at the end of June, she won two championship titles and a third place. In the women’s doubles she stood at the top of the podium with Chantal Mantz, and in the mixed she could not be denied the title together with Cedric Meissner. In the singles, she lost in the semifinals to the European champion Ying Han.
The name Wan is well known in Weinheim. Yuan’s father Guohui Wan was active for the TTC 46 for four years from 2009 to 2012/13, when the first men’s team was promoted to the second Bundesliga. So now the daughter returns to this place of action.
Yuan Wan was born on 23.05.1997 in Eberswalde in Brandenburg and began her table tennis career at the age of 6 at VfL Tegel. Already at the age of 10 she moved to Baden to TV Busenbach, after three years there she went on to TB Wilferdingen. She went on to WRW Kleve in the 2nd Bundesliga and then in 2013 to TTG Bingen in the top league. In 2017, the club even managed to win the German championship with Yuan at position 3.
Next stop in 2020/21 was DJK Kolbermoor, where she had a record of 8:15 in the top pair last season.
Now she is moving to TTC 46, where she will again face the top class of German table tennis as position 2. With 2162 QTTR points, that’s quite a challenge. And since top player Bruna Takahashi has to play in WTT tournaments every now and then, which are not coordinated with the Bundesliga schedule, Yuan is also scheduled to play the top position a few times.
Yuan lives and trains in Düsseldorf. She lists music, cinema and golf as her hobbies.
Her biggest sporting successes before the German Championships, with now 2 times gold and 1 time bronze, were a second place in singles and the title in doubles at the 2012 Schoolgirls Championships. At the 2012 European Pupils Championships she was part of the German team and reached the final in doubles.
Two years later, she again reached the final at the German Pupils Championships in singles and won in doubles with Chantal Mantz. At the European Pupils Championships, she took silver with the team.
In 2016, she managed to win the doubles title at the German Championships, again with Chantal. At the first U-21 European Championships in February 2017, she won silver in singles after losing to Chantal in the final.
The gold coup at the 2019 ITTF Challenge Series in Nigeria in doubles was her biggest international success.
Of course, she has already crossed paths with her new teammates. There were two losses to Bruna, Mateja is 2-1, Georgia is 1-3, and Sophia is also 2-3 in the books.
Like every year, ttc eastside berlin is the title favorite for her, and she estimates a place in the top 4 for her new team.


A team introduction: Mateja Jeger                


The Croatian was born on 13.01.1995 in Zagreb, where she still lives and from where she travels to the games. She also played for clubs in Zagreb for many years before she was signed by the then second division team TSV Schwabhausen in 2016.

The team from near Dachau won the championship title that season with only one defeat, and Mateja shone with a season record of 20:8. Schwabhausen, however, decided against promotion to the first division and thus met the then promoted TTC 46 Weinheim in the following round.

So the first meetings with the Weinheim players Mallika Bhandarkar, Jennie Wolf and Luisa Säger took place with clear advantages for the Croatian.

The duels with Luisa Säger and Jennie Wolf with successful outcome for Mateja continued in 2028/19, when Weinheim became champion and Schwabhausen as second took the opportunity to advance to the 1st Bundesliga.

There was now a reunion at the very top last season when the Upper Bavarians played Weinheim 6:3 and 5:5 and Mateja lost to Caroline Kumahara, won against Daria Trigolos and missed the return match.

Her sporting successes show twice the national championship in singles, reaching the best 32 at the European Championships and most recently at the WTT Star Contender competition a defeat only in the 3rd qualifying round against her previous teammate Sabine Winter.

For the upcoming round she is seeded at position 3 at the TTC 46, and depending on the dates of the WTT tournaments for the world’s best, she will also have to play in the front pairs.

Like most people, she sees ttc berlin eastside as the clear favorite again in the 2022/23 season, while she does not want to name a candidate for relegation because she does not know the new composition of the teams. For her own team, she considers a place among the top four possible.

A team introduction:  Giorgia Piccolin                                        

The TTC 46 Weinheim has – as already reported – a lot planned for the upcoming season in the women’s division.

In addition to top player Bruna Takahashi and young Sophia Klee, manager Christian Säger was able to sign three top players with Bundesliga experience, Yuan Wan, Mateja Jeger and Giorgia Piccolin, for the upcoming round in the 1st German Table Tennis League.

Today we introduce you to Giorgia Piccolin.

The Italian moves from the first opponent of the next season, TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim to TTC 46 Weinheim and will be able to compete with her old teammates on September 11.

Giorgia was born on 15.01.1996 in Bolzano. She first played for clubs in her home country, from 2007 to 2015 in Tramin, then 3 years in Cortemaggiore. For the 2018/2019 season she joined TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim, which was already in the 1st Bundesliga at that time, where she already played once together with Yuan Wan in a team and finished the season with a slightly positive record at position 4. After fourth places, things went a bit downhill for Bingen and also Giorgia in 2020/21, and in the last round they slipped to the relegation place, but stayed in the league because no other team wanted to move up. For Giorgia, this time at position 2, there was a record of 4:9 with wins e.g. against Yuan Wan (da Kolbermoor) and Caroline Kumahara.

Giorgia became Italian champion in the last three years, reached the best 64 at the 2021 World Championships, and at the WTT Feeder tournament in Düsseldorf she was in the semifinals in singles and in the final in doubles.

She has had several encounters with her new teammates except Bruna. Against Yuan the score is 4:1, against Mateja 1:4, against Sophia a draw 2:2.

As hobbies she states: Watching Netflix series and reading books.

At the TTC 46 she will now be used at position 3 to 4, depending on whether the team can be fully deployed because of the WTT dates. She also sees the team on a good path to the top 4 of the elite class.


SO 11.09.22 14:00 Uhr Weinheim Bingen
SA 24.09.22 14:00 Uhr Schwabhausen Weinheim
SO 25.09.22 14:00 Uhr Kolbermoor Weinheim
SO 13.11.22 14:00 Uhr Weinheim Langstadt
SO 20.11.22 14:00 Uhr Weinheim Weil
SA 26.11.22 17:30 Uhr Weinheim Berlin
SO 27.11.22 10:30 Uhr Böblingen Weinheim
SO 15.01.23 14:00 Uhr Weinheim Böblingen
SO 22.01.23 14:00 Uhr Bingen Weinheim
SO 29.01.23 14:00 Uhr Weinheim Kolbermoor
SO 05.02.23 14:00 Uhr Weil Weinheim
SO 26.02.23 14:00 Uhr Langstadt Weinheim
SO 12.03.23 14:00 Uhr Berlin Weinheim
SO 19.03.23 14.00 Uhr Weinheim Schwabhausen


Die Damenmannschaft in der 1.Bundesliga 2022/23

Name: Bruna Takahashi
Geboren: 19.07.2000 in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo
Nationalität: Brasilien
QTTR   2273
   Weltrangliste Nr. 19

Größe: 170 cm
Bisherige Vereine:    Sporting Lissabon
   2. Saison beim TTC 46

   Angriff, Shakehand, Rechtshänderin
   4 Medaillen panamerikanische Spiele 2019
   südamerikanische Meisterin 2018
   lateinamerikanische Meisterin 2018
   panamerikanische Meisterin 2017 U18
   Weltmeisterin der Kadetten 2015

Name: Rachel Sung,
Geboren: 09.07.2004 in Mountain View
Nationalität: USA,
QTTR  2219
Größe: 170 cm
Spielart: Shakehand,Angriff, Linkshänderin
Hobby: Lesen, Musik,
bes. Erfolge: US-Meisterschaften 1. Platz bei U15 und 2. Platz bei U18

Name: Yuan Wan
Geboren: 23.05.1997 in Eberswalde
Nationalität: deutsch
QTTR  2162
Wohnort:  Düsseldorf
Bisherige Vereine:    2003 VfL Tegel,
  2007 TV Busenbach
  2010 TB Wilferdingen
  2012 WRW Kleve
  2013 TTG Bingen
  2020 DJK Kolbermoor

   Angriff, Shakehand, Rechtshänderin
Erfolge:  Nigeria Open Mixed Gold
  Feeder Düsseldorf Dopple Gold
  3. Platz DM Einzel

Name: Mateja Jeger
Geboren: 13.01.1995 in Zagreb
Nationalität: Kroatien
QTTR   2183
Wohnort:  Zagreb
Bisherige Vereine:    Zagreb
  2016 TSV Schwabhausen

  Angriff, Shakehand, Rechtshänderin

Erfolge national (Kroatien)
  2. bei nationalen Meisterschaften Einzel
  Europameisterschaften letzte 32


Name: Giorgia Piccolin
Geboren: 15.01.1996 in Bozen
Nationalität: Italien
QTTR   2123
Wohnort:  Bozen
Bisherige Vereine:   2007 Tramin
   2015 Cortemaggiore
   2018 Bingen
   Angriff, Shakehand, Rechtshänderin
Erfolge national (Italien)
   2019, 2020, 2021 1.Platz ital. Meisterschaften
   Weltmeisterschaften 2021 letzte 64
   Feeder Düsseldorf Einzel Halbfinale, Doppel Finale


Name: Sophia Klee
Geboren: 08.05.2003 in Kassel

Nationalität: deutsch
QTTR   2090
Größe: 168 cm
Wohnort: Niestetal
Bisherige Vereine:
    SC Niestetal, TTC Bad Driburg, ESV Weil   
    Angriff, Shakehand, Rechtshänderin
   Viertelfinale Deutsche Meisterschaften Damen Einzel 2019
   Achtelfinale U21 EM 2019, 2020

Name: Luisa Säger
Geboren: 10.08.1999 in Weinheim
Nationalität: deutsch
QTTR   2045
Größe: 173 cm
Wohnort: Weinheim
Bisherige Vereine:
    TTC Weinheim, NSU Neckarsulm, DJK Offenburg
    Angriff, Shakehand, Rechtshänderin
Erfolge national:
     Dt. Meisterin Mädchen 2015,
     DTTB TOP 12 Siegerin 2017
     DM 2018 Bronze Doppel mit Jennie Wolf
     DM 2019 Silber Doppel mit Hajok

   JEM Doppel  3. Platz 2015
   JWM 2016 in Kapstadt
   JEM Doppel 3. Platz 2017

Name: Jennie Wolf
Geboren: 05.05.1999 in Pforzheim
Nationalität: deutsch
QTTR   2023
Größe: 183 cm
Wohnort: Kämpfelbach
Bisherige Vereine:
   TTC Ersingen, TV Busenbach
   Angriff, Shakehand, Rechtshänderin
Erfolge national:
   DM 2018 Bronze Doppel mit Luisa Säger


Trainer des Damenteams:

Name: Andreas Dörner

geboren am 08.01.1987 in Sinsheim

Höchste Spielklasse Herren: Verbandsklasse (2017)
Mit 16 Jahren Einstieg als Jugendtrainer bei der TTG Neckarbischofsheim
Fast 15 Jahre Jugendtrainer bei der TTG und teilweise Jugendleiter
Größte Erfolge als Vereinstrainer: Mehrfach Meister in der höchsten badischen Spielklasse (Verbandsliga), mehrere Titel bei BaWü-Ranglisten und Meisterschaften

C-Lizenz 2011, B-Lizenz 2012, A-Lizenz 2016
Trainer am Landesstützpunkt Heilbronn ab 2006
Übernahme der Leitung am Landesstützpunkt Heilbronn ab 2015 bis heute:

Spieler: Lisa Mayer, Tom Mayer, Kathrin Hessenthaler, Alexandra und Annett Kaufmann, Wenna Tu, Felicia Behringer, Melissa Friedrich, Lucia Behringer, Minh-Thao Nguyen,…