Preview Women in Season 2023/24

TTC 46 Weinheim: Dinner is served

The table tennis league team ahead of the new season


The summer vacations are coming to an end, and with them the season of the table tennis players is approaching again. The preparations have long since been completed, the team squads have been finalized, and the dates have been set. So it can start.


For the TTC 46 Weinheim and its first women’s team, after the sensational games in the last second round and the outstanding matches in the playoffs with the German runner-up title as the crowning glory, the confirmation of the great performances is on the agenda.

Manager Christian Säger sees a place in the playoffs again as the target, as at least 6th place.

But of course it is also possible to achieve a little more if the team is able to compete in full. How important the Brazilian top player Bruna Takahashi is for the team’s success was seen in the last round, when no game of the league matches was lost with her in front.

But the international schedule with high-class tournaments of the world federation does not take into account the Bundesliga, but it is a must for the top players also from a financial point of view.


The TTC 46 team has remained largely unchanged, with the exception of Italian Giorgia Piccolin, who has been called back to her home country to prepare for the Olympics. In her place, Daria Trigolos from Belarus has found her way back to the TTC and is certainly an equal replacement. Her willingness to fight and her

We still fondly remember her will to fight and her commitment. She is also scheduled to play for the second team in the 3rd Bundesliga. With Yuan Wan, Mateja Jeger and Sophia Klee and Bruna, the sworn quartet remains together.

Thus, the Weinheim team is similarly strong as in the last round.

There have been some changes in the opposing teams. ESV Weil was relegated, SV SCHOTT Jena joined the league. TSV Schwabhausen now operates under a new name, but with the same line-up as TSV Dachau 65.

The personnel changes in the teams can only be seen in individual positions. The players from Weil will be seen again in different jerseys in the new round. From the outside, with young Sally Moyland (USA) and some Japanese players at Jena, only a few new faces will enter the field.

With four home games in the first round, only three remain for next year’s eight teams – and then, of course, those in the playoffs.

On October 1, the team will present itself to its own audience for the first time in its own hall in a home match against TSV Langstadt, followed by matches against SV DJK Kolbermoor on October 15, TSV Dachau on November 19 and SV Böblingen on December 17.

On 22.10. they will play away in Bingen, on 26.11. at the champion ttc berlin eastside.

The home matches in the second half of the season are on January 14 against Jena and at the end of the season on March 24 against Berlin and on April 7 against TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim.

Of course, season tickets for the visits of the women’s teams in the 1st and 3rd Bundesliga and the men’s and women’s teams in the Regionalliga are again available from the TTC 46 at a price of 50 euros. Single tickets have been slightly increased to 8 euros.

The TTC 46 Weinheim is proud to present such a successful team and hopes that the spectators of the exciting matches of the last round will not miss the new season.