TTC 46 Weinheim: Women take sixth victory, men lose disappointingly in Grünwettersbach

Sovereign and desolate performance

Actually all had expected two clear victories of the two Bundesliga teams of the TTC 46 Weinheim. But that other table tennis teams could also play was shown to the men in Grünwettersbach.

In the second league, the women won 6:2 against the Füchse Berlin. Even without the missing Luisa Säger, the quartet of the Bergstraße was superior in the capital and set its overall balance to now 12:0.
The doubles at the beginning went with 3:1 each to the TTC 46, when the newly formed pairing Trigolos/Wolf complemented each other well, and Motsyk/Patseyeva came after lost first set better into the game.

While Daria Trigolos gave Beriner number 2 Katalin Jedtke no chance at all, Jennie Wolf, who had moved into the front pair cross, had to bend her top player, the Czech Karolina Mynarova, finally after 2:1 set lead, but narrowly.
Iryna Motsyk was also defeated by Sina Henning in the decisive set, after she had still equalized a 2-0 deficit. But next door Hanna Petseyeva kept her opponent Ann-Marie Dahms quite safely in check.

The top match between Daria Trigolos and Karolina Mynarova was then a clear affair for the TTC woman with a 3-0 score. Jennie Wolf, on the other hand, had to go into extra time in her second singles match, but brought home the sixth point for the TTC 46 against Katalin Jedtke; Iryna Motsyk’s loose victory next door was therefore no longer counted.
Once again Daria Trigolos showed an outstanding performance.

Coach Rainer Schmidt was not satisfied with the performance of his men’s team. He was the only commentary that said that he was not a top team after all.

The conditions before the game let expect actually another result of the meeting between the table third TTC 46 and the table last and pointless ASV Grünwettersbach II, but the 6:4 of the Karlsruher Vorstädter let these jump away from the table end and dampened the hopes of the Weinheimer with now a place in the midfield with 6:6 points.

The quartet of the hosts with Guilherme Teodoro (Brazil), Aleksa Gacev (Serbia) and the two Spaniards Jon Ander Guerricabeitia and Eduardo Gonzales Perez had only been put together for this round and none of the Weinheimers were aware of it, but that others also dominate the game, they could prove on this day.

Filip Cipin and Tom Eise lost in five sets against Teodoro/Gacev, while Laurens Devos and Björn Baum won against the Spaniards.
A total of six games went into the final set, and five times the home side had the point on their side, including Teodoro versus Filip Cipin.
On the Weinheim side, only Laurens Devos proved his class with two 4-set successes, first against Gacev and then against Teodoro.
Filip Cipin scored another point for the Weinheimers when he defeated Gacev in five rounds.

From the rear pair cross with Tom Eise and Björn Baum came this time nothing countable. Three times defeated in the set the mood of coach Rainer Schmidt dropped to the lowest point.

Against TTC Wohlbach, second in the standings, the quartet could rehabilitate at home next weekend, but the task is likely to be more difficult than that of the women against MTV Tostedt.

Women, 2nd Bundesliga, Foxes Berlin – TTC 46 Weinheim 2:6
Men, 3rd Bundesliga South, ASV Grünwettersbach II – TTC 46 Weinheim 6:4
Home match day on 17.11.: Women – MTV Tostedt, Men – TTC Wohlbach

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