TTC men lose in Munich, win clearly in Wohlbach

The view is oriented downwards

A difficult away tour to Munich and Franconia unfortunately did not bring the four points hoped for, so that one will probably have to say goodbye to the originally targeted 3rd to 5th place.
Under corona conditions without spectators it is not really fun, as coach Rainer Schmidt freely admits. And the curfew almost cancelled dinner.
The game at Bayern Munich did not go according to plan, especially in the back pairing cross. Here, a 1:3 was not really expected. Rainer Schmidt still sees a lot of work ahead of him and himself, especially with Oliver Both.

Florian Schreiner, against whom no one could stand up to on Saturday and to whom both Weinheimers were defeated. But Ivan Juzbasic and Tom Eise at least managed to balance the score with a narrow victory over Daniel Rinderer.
Björn Baum had to give up surprisingly against substitute Nico Longhino; he even defeated the more highly rated Tom Schweiger. Oliver Both was still acting too hectically in Schmidt’s estimation, and so his two singles went to the Bavarians at 3:5.

Ivan Juzbasic won three of his four matches

The team then showed a sovereign performance to a superior 7:1 at TTC Wohlbach.
The Franconians would not be able to succeed without their Belarusian top player Gleb Shamruk, the team seems to be too weak for that.
Both Ivan Juzbasic and Tom Eise already made half the difference with two victories each in the front pairing against the Egyptian Mahmoud Helmy and Grotdan Grozdanov. And Björn Baum was also not so militantly challenged this time with two 3-0 victories over Marc Seidler and Patrick Forkel. It was still him who made the Franconian point of honor with a 3:1 victory over Oliver Both. In the end, Oliver Both also won the last game of the day with a 3:1 victory over Seidler.

With these only two counters, the score is now 4:6 and one must therefore orientate oneself more downward in order not to get into the relegation maelstrom. In addition the table gives at present only a very crooked picture, since some teams had only one match, the TTC 46 against it five matches.

Next Sunday, TTC SR Hohenstein-Ernsthal Schmidts favourite for the championship will be a guest in the Heisenberghalle, parallel with the ladies in the match against DJK Offenburg.
FC Bayern Munich – TTC 46 Weinheim 5:3
TTC Wohlbach – TTC 46 Weinheim 1:7

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