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Men of TTC 46 Weinheim travel to Wöschbach

Another difficult task awaits the gentlemen

On Saturday, the first men’s team of the TTC 46 Weinheim will play at the strong TTC Wöschbach after the first two double match days. The team from the vicinity of Karlsruhe has been virtually rebuilt this season and strengthened enormously. Beside the old champion Fu Yong from China the newcomer from Slovenia Jan Zibrat plays in the front pair cross. Zibrat is no stranger to the TTC players, as he swung the bat for the ASV Grünwettersbach for many years and was a frequent opponent of the TTC aces here. The same goes for Javier Benito and Siddharta Christian Dias Almeida, who both wore the jersey of the ASV in the 3rd league last year. In addition there is the remaining Kenan Hrnic. Besides him four strong foreigners, who also showed two faces in the first two games of the season, in the outstanding victory in Wohlbach (6:1) on the one hand and the high 0:6 bankruptcy against Neckarsulm on the other hand.

Coach Rainer Schmidt estimates the upcoming game in Nordbadenderby for his quartet as no easy task. With the performances shown but from last weekend in Effeltrich and against table leader Neckarsulm should drive the troop with broad chest into the Pfinztal and deliver a hot fight to the Wöschbachern. Here it will surely depend again on how the so far convincing newcomer Laurence Devos copes with his participation in the Polish Open this week and whether Filip Cipin can make up for his lack of training due to his studies.
Tom Eise and Björn Baum will also be making a lot of effort as they had to congratulate their strong opponents from Neckarsulm three times on their victory in the last top match.

An exciting derby, which can also decide in which direction the TTC men will play in the table of the third Bundeliga South.

3rd Bundesliga South, Saturday 19.10.19, 18:30 h: TTC Wöschbach – TTC 46 Weinheim

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