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Second home match of the Bundesliga teams of TTC 46 Weinheim

How long will the season really last ?

Next Sunday the second home match day for the two Bundesliga teams TTC 46 is on the program. The hygiene regulations were well met the first time around; this would certainly work this time as well, if the current incidence figures even allow a spectator crowd.
However, whether the respective teams will be able to go to the plates in the desired formation is currently hardly foreseeable, and how many more league matches will have to be cancelled due to corona conditions remains to be seen. There is the threat of a season break again.

The ladies are to compete with their Baden rival DJK Offenburg and want to score both points again in the fourth game. The Offenburg team had to postpone their last game on 13.10. because of a positive Corona case, and there are question marks behind their players as well. Top player Nathalie Marchetti, like her Belgian compatriots Lisa Lung and Margo Degraef, comes from a high-risk area in the ranks of TTC 46. And the number two, Hungarian Elena Toth, would have to reckon with a subsequent quarantine due to the recently tightened re-entry regulations of the Hungarian government, which has not allowed any use so far.
This would considerably weaken the team. With Jana Kirner, Theresa Lehmann, the 14-jhrige youth national player Jele Stortz and the Routinier Petra Heuberger stand further participants in the contingent. The past meetings against the ascenders of the federal league reserve of the DJK Kolbermoor (5:3) and against the descendants from the first league of the TTK Anröchte (3:5) brought a balanced point account.

The TTC ladies plan with the tested lineup Lisa Lung, Luisa Säger, Jennie Wolf and Margo Degraef, which should make the double point win possible nevertheless.

In the men’s event, one of the championship favourites will be introduced in the Heisenberg Hall; the team from TTC Sachsenring Hohenstein-Ernstthal with the two Czechs Michal Benes and Miroslav Horejsi as well as Nick Neumann-Manz and Johann Koschmieder, who have only played one match so far, will be present. They defeated TTC Wohlbach 6:2. Especially the engagement of Michal Benes from TTC Wohlbach has strengthened the Saxons enormously.

Although the quartet of TTC 46 with Ivan Juzbasic, Tom Eise, Björn Baum and Oliver Both will probably start the race in the strongest line-up, coach Rainer Schmidt does not necessarily expect a victory, but fighting commitment of his team.

After the last weekend with one win and one defeat the relegation battle has rather begun for the TTC 46. Now it’s up to the remaining 4 games to work on a further distance to the relegation ranks. The goal should be at least three points, but it will be almost impossible to get the first points already this Sunday. Schmidt. “It has been shown that Ivan Juzbasic is a strong fighter, but he does not reach the level of Laurens Devos. With Oliver Both, we’ll have to wait and see how he develops; at the moment, he is certainly lagging behind his own standards. Tom Eise fulfills at present with a balanced balance the expectations completely, Björn tree plays still too changeable and is not completely content with its 6:4 balance also not. Above all he demands more consistency in the performances of his quartet.

Sunday, 25.10., 14:00 h, Heisenberg sports hall
Women 2nd Bundesliga: TTC 46 Weinheim – DJK Offenburg
Men 3rd Bundesliga South: TTC 46 Weinheim – TTC SR Hohenstein-Ernstthal

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