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Bundesliga teams of TTC 46 Weinheim welcome relegation candidates

Victories firmly planned

Next Sunday the time has finally come again: in the Heisenberghalle there will again be Bundesliga table tennis to admire. The two teams of TTC 46 Weinheim are going into the second half of the second half of the season with mainly home matches.
The ladies still have home rights three times, the men are even challenged four times at home.

The matches will start with clashes with teams threatened with relegation.
In the women’s event, the quartet from TTC Langweid will be on the last place in the table, so they could use every point. But the same applies to the hosts, who cannot afford to slip up to defend the top of the table.
The Weinheim team will be joined by Daria Trigolos, Luisa Säger, Jennie Wolf and Hanna Patseyeva, who, according to the paperwork, should have no difficulties.
At the season opener in September at 6-1 near Augsburg, Daria Trigolos and Hanna Patseyeva had to give up the only point in their doubles with a clear 3-0 win, but in the meantime they too have won together.
On the side of TTC Langweid, Ecuadorian Nathaly Paredes, Italy’s Thi Hong Loan Le, Lithuania’s Vitalja Venckute and Germany’s Cennet Durgun all played in the second half of the season, but have yet to score a point in the second half. From the Weinheim team’s point of view, this should of course remain the case on Sunday, so that the title fight with ESV Weil can continue undisturbed.

The men will be up against old Baden rivals ASV Grünwettersbach II, with whom they would have a bone to pick as they suffered a surprising 4-6 defeat in the first leg.
Sunday’s guests are in the penultimate place and thus even in one of the two relegation ranks, so really with their backs to the wall.

In the second half of the season, the Karlsruher Vorstädter scored important points against TSG Kaiserslautern with a 6:3 victory, which in turn took both points away from the second of the table, TTC Wohlbach, and thus enabled the TTC quartet to attack back to second place.

For Grünwettersbach, the Brazilian Guilherme Teodoro, the Spaniard Jon Ander Guerricabeitia, the Serb Aleksa Gacev and the Spaniard Eduardo Gonzales Perez will be the players who made the Weinheimers lose in the first round.
At that time, the hosts were the luckier ones in 5 of 6 five-set matches, and especially in the back pair cross nothing at all came together for the TTC quartet.
So Tom Eise and Björn Baum should be thinking of revenge above all, with Aleksa Gacev, who slipped to 3rd position, likely to be a tough test with his 6:1 balance.
On the Weinheim side, Laurens Devos is playing an outstanding season, and after his flu, Filip Cipin is also in good form again and has just achieved an excellent third place in the Croatian Championships. They are expected to achieve one or two successes against Theodoro and Guerricabeitia. If the support of the spectators gives the last push, this time close games should be in favour of the Weinheim team.

Due to the loss of points by their competitor Wohlbach, the TTC 46 has come within striking distance of second place again, and with four home games to play, there might still be something in it.

Sunday, 15 March 2020, gymnasium of the Heisenberg-Gymnasium
2nd Division Ladies: TTC 46 Weinheim – TTC Langweid
3rd Bundesliga South Men: TTC 46 Weinheim – ASV Grünwettersbach II

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