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TTC 46 Weinheim: Ladies receive the ESV Weil, the men SV SR Hohenstein

A real Hit on Sunday

Next Sunday the two top teams of the league will meet in the second Bundesliga of women’s table tennis: the ladies of the TTC 46 will receive the ladies of the ESV Weil. This Baden duel is this year the meeting of the two teams, which could finish their past games without exception victoriously. The TTC 46 is even more at the top with one more game, and of course one would like to stay that way at the end of the preliminary round and if possible at the end of the season. But the visitors from the Swiss border are striving for promotion to the first league and are playing an outstanding season.

After the third last rank in the last round by the re-entry of the top player Yevgenia Vasylieva and the engagement of Polina Trifonova from TTK Großburgwedel, the front pair cross of the South Baden women’s team is hard to break.
In the past, both Luisa Säger and Jennie Wolf have already suffered serious defeats, so you have to see whether Weinheim’s Daria Trigolos can stand up to them better and whether Luisa Säger will be able to score one or two points in the top games.

Better chances are calculated in the Weinheim camp for the encounters in the rear pair cross. There Vivien Scholz, Eline Loyen or Qian Wan will go to the plates, and above all Vivien Scholz has proved with her balance of 7:0 that point wins for Weinheim are also not self-running here.
The Weinheimers in positions 3 and 4 with Jennie Wolf, again with Mallika Bhandarkar, with Iryna Motsyk and Hanna Patseyeva show strong performances again this season and are always good for some points.
In which line-up the TTC quartet will go to the records will be decided at short notice.

In any case, an extremely exciting match can be expected when the two outstanding teams meet. A delicacy no table tennis fan should miss.

In the men’s singles, the quartet of the TTC 46 will also have a strong opponent in the form of SV Sachsenring Hohenstein-Ernstthal.
It was clear that last year’s runners-up from Saxony would not play the same role in the season as last year, when they fought for the championship until the end. After the departure of the best player of the last season Abdul Aziz, they will play with the same team from position 2-5, now at position 1-4. Miroslav Hojrisi is their number one player and it will be difficult to score here, even though Laurens Devos has more than lived up to his expectations for the season and Filip Cipin will hopefully be fully operational again after his flu.

Coach Rainer Schmidt, on the other hand, sees open duels at positions 2-4. Andrey Milovanov from Russia is a good but certainly not unbeatable player for his two top players.
In the lower pair cross, it is unclear who will play against the TTC 46, whether old champion Roland Krmaschek will run up or the Hohenstein family Nick Neumann-Manz and Johann Koschmieder.
“Depending on the form of the day, we can eagerly collect points in the rear pair cross, but also lose everything. You have to wait and see what the day’s form brings, not least because of the rather fluctuating performances of Tom Eise in particular,” is Schmidt’s assessment.

A recommendation was not the solid defeat of the Saxons last weekend at the current table leader Neckarsulm anyhow, when they could win just 3 sets in the line-up Horejsi, Milovanov, Neumann-Manz and Koschmieder.
It should not be that clear in Weinheim, but the quartet of Rainer Schmidt has good chances to improve the score from 7:7.

Sunday, 1.12.2019, gymnasium of the Heisenberg-Gymnasium
Ladies, 2nd Bundesliga, TTC 46 Weinheim – ESV Weil
Men, 3rd Bundesliga South, TTC 46 Weinheim – SV SR Hohenstein-Ernstthal

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