The TTC 46 Weinheim announces for the first women’s national league

The TTC 46 Weinheim announces for the first women’s national league

Preparations are in full swing

After careful consideration, the board of TTC 46 Weinheim has decided to apply for the vacant spot in the women’s first national league. They had completed their current round with only seven teams after TuS Bad Driburg withdrew.

After two championships, the renunciation of promotion for well-known reasons and the table leadership in the now cancelled round, the Weinheim team is now venturing into the Bel-Etage of women’s table tennis in the year of their 75th anniversary.

The preparations for this are in full swing. For the previous coach Shen Zhujun, who can no longer perform this task due to time constraints, Christian Säger was able to win Andreas Dörner as an active support in the supervision and management of the team.

Andreas Dörner, born in 1987 in Sinsheim, started playing table tennis at the age of 10 at the TTG Neckarbischofsheim and played himself up to the Verbandsklasse. At 16, he also started as a youth coach at his club, acquired the A license in 2016 and has been a coach at the state base in Heilbronn since 2006, which he took over in 2015. He also trained some players who were themselves players or opponents at the TTC 46 at some point, such as Tom Mayer, Felicia and Lucia Behringer and most recently Wenna Tu or Kathrin Hessenthaler in the 2nd Bundesliga.

The first talks with Christian Säger showed that there are signs of a good cooperation with Andreas Dörner, which will significantly relieve Säger. Dörner will also offer base training in Weinheim on Fridays for the players of the first and second teams.

Whom he will then have to coach in the Bundesliga will become clear in the next few weeks.
For the first league, a bit of quality will have to be added.

However, fans can already look forward to the cream of German women’s table tennis competing in the home matches in the Heisenberg Sports Hall with teams from TTC Berlin Eastside, SV DJK Kolbermoor, TSV Langstadt, TSV Schwabhausen, SV Böblingen, ESV Weil or TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim.

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