Nothing for weak nerves

Ladies of TTC 46 Weinheim play 5:5 against Schwabhausen

Against an opponent from the upper half of the table, the ladies of the TTC 46 managed to earn a point. But what a course of the game !
TSV Schwabhausen had to do without their best players. The outstanding Sabine Winter had still participated in a tournament in the morning and then cancelled her participation in the league match in Weinheim; Mateja Jäger tested positive for Corona on the same occasion. The number 1 of the guests, Yangzi Liu, is only occasionally in action.
The match was originally scheduled to be played in Wald-Michelbach, but could only have taken place there without spectators due to the Corona restrictions in the Bergstrasse district. Here, however, it was about 125 fans who were taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions that evening.
Due to the losses of the guests, the role of the favorites shifted somewhat in the direction of TTC 46 Weinheim. And accordingly it started in the Heisenberghalle.
Coach Andreas Dörner again composed two new doubles pairings from the five players available: Caroline Kumahara he combined with Jennie Wolf, Daria Trigolos with Lisa Lung. Luisa Säger was only to be used in the singles.
The two doubles then became surprisingly successful. Kumahara/Wolf had to deal with Nagyvaradi/Nikitchanka, and there you could already see that the defender Alina Nikitchanka would be a problem for the Weinheimers. Jennie Wolf had clear difficulties with her balls, so that set 2 went to the guests, and in set 4 it was quickly 3:8 and 5:10, before the Weinheim women made the 3:1 perfect with six points in a row.
The match between Trigolos/Lung and Feher/Ernst also ended 3:1, with the guests fighting hard until overtime after the TTC 46 had taken a 2:0 set lead.
In the first singles, both Caroline Kumahara and Daria Trigolos showed a strong game. Caroline won 3-0 against Orsolya Feher, each with a close finish. Daria had the better end against Mercedesz Nagyvaradi with her 3:1.
An intermediate score of 4:0 had not been seen here yet, and optimism and hope for a double point win spread.
In the rear pair cross Lisa Lung met Emine Ernst, had after won the first round in set 2 and 3 in each case set points missed, the fourth narrowly won, but then made too many mistakes and still lost. Next door, Luisa Säger had great difficulties with the defensive artist Alina Nikitchanka, as in previous years, and lost outright – the overall score was 4:2.
Against Mercedesz Nagavaradi Caroline Kumahara seemed to be completely out of control, nothing worked out at 4:11, 8:11, 6:11. When Daria Trigolos also lost to Orsoya Feher rather without a sound with 1:3, the fears of finally being left empty-handed increased.
Because that Lisa Lung would come better with the defense balls of Alina Nikitchanka, one did not believe. The 1:3 then let the guests take the lead for the first time with 5:4.
Now it was up to Luisa Säger to save the point. It did not start well: 8:11.
But then she had her opponent Emine Ernst better under control, the next three sets went to her, and thus she let the responsible persons and the fans breathe a sigh of relief.
After all, she at least secured a point, thus increasing the distance to the relegation zone to five points and even improving to 6th place – but there is no need to repeat this battle of nerves.

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