Half-time Balance

Positive balance at Christmas break

After half-time in the premiere season in the first table tennis Bundesliga, the ladies and the makers of the TTC 46 Weinheim can be quite satisfied. Four points on the credit side mean at the same time four points distance to the bottom of the table SV Böblingen.
In the past, the first division was sometimes only made up of 7 teams. Since this season the top team in the table wants to move up from the 2nd Bundesliga, there will be one team relegated from the current field of eight. Of course, the TTC 46 does not want to occupy this position at the end of the round.

The TTC 46 will also strive in the second round to collect the necessary points to stay in the class. Very pleasing were the two draws against the top teams from Langstadt and Kolbermoor, which were not expected, as well as the immensely important 6:2 success in the last match of the preliminary round in Böblingen. There is a two-tier society in the league, in which ttc berlin eastside, TSV Langstadt, TSV Schwabhausen and DJK Kolbermoor will probably settle the first four places among themselves, and ESV Weil, TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim, SV Böblingen and TTC 46 will play out the second half of the table among themselves. A gap of four points is already a cushion.

The complete team with Bruna Takahashi, Caroline Kumahara, Daria Trigolos, Lisa Lung, Luisa Säger, Sophia Klee and Jennie Wolf took turns in the 7 matches.
A lot of the positive development has to do with the new coach Andy Dörner. He understands it very well to adjust the girls on the one hand always well and on the other hand for the respective plays the correct line-up to select.

The new number 1 of the TTC 46, Bruna Takahashi, has made an excellent start at her new club. She defeated five absolute top players of the league, Petrissa Solja and Chantal Mantz from Langstadt, Qianhong Gotsch and Annett Kaufmann from Böblingen as well as Britt Eerland from Berlin and will also be an important part of the team in the second round. She only lost out to the German champion Nina Mittelham.
The other Brazilian Caroline Kumahara improved after the unfortunate start against Bingen with two 2:3 defeats and contributed important victories, as did the Belarussian Daria Trigolos, who also had an extremely difficult time in the front pair cross, but still achieved a good record of 4:7.
Balanced the results of the other newcomer Sophia Klee, who was convincing in her first season for the TTC 46.
With the professional burdens of Luisa Säger and Jennie Wolf, training at the required level is hardly manageable, so that the air in the first league is quite thin for them. But all players were able to celebrate great singles and doubles successes and thus contributed to the positive performance in the preliminary round.

With 165 spectators on average the TTC 46 ladies lead the visitor table and could inspire thereby also many new spectators for the table tennis sport.
Hopefully, despite Corona, normal play can continue in the second round so that the goal of non-relegation can be pursued further.

The start of the second half of the season for the TTC 46 is the “home game” against TSV Schwabhausen, which will be played on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the SG Wald-Michelbach at our friendly club in their hall: January 15, 2022 in the Großraumporthalle, Ringstraße 2, 69483 Wald-Michelbach.

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