Outstanding finish to the first half of the season

TTC ladies surprise with a 6:4 win in Berlin

At the end of the year, the ladies of TTC 46 Weinheim found their way back to the form with which they were able to conquer first place in the table and the runner-up title in the first Bundesliga in the last round. Three recent wins after a bumpy start led the team to third place, directly behind the multiple champions ttc berlin eastside.
They moved closer to them with a more than surprising 6:4 victory in the capital on Monday evening.
The Berliners had arranged this unusual match date because their young talent Josephina Neumann had an international assignment on November 26. It so happened that the entire squad was available at the weekend due to a sponsor’s appointment, as has not always been the case in this season, which has not gone according to plan for Berlin. Weinheim had not expected much against the top line-up. But things turned out quite differently.

Once again, the two doubles players from Weinheim were outstanding and set the course for a good result.
Both Bruna Takahashi and Mateja Jeger against Surjan/Neumann and Yuan Wan and Sophia Klee against Mittelham/Eerland had the nerves and the luck to win in extra time of the deciding set. The 2:0 was the basis, as all Weinheim players scored one point each in the singles.
Both Bruna and Yuan were able to prevail against Britt Eerland from the Netherlands with clear 3:0 victories, while Berlin’s top player Nina Mittelham only had to fight over the full distance to defeat the two.
After Josephina Neumann was allowed to play against Weinheim, she proved to be the second weak point. Mateja Jeger scored a 3:1 win against her, and the last single against Daria Trigolos was a clear affair for the player from Weinheim. Both had lost more clearly against Sabina Surjan.

Daria Trigolos got the deciding point to the 6:4

With this 6:4 victory, the TTC 46 team improved its record to 8:6 with 34:33 points. Berlin, in second place, also has an 8:6 record at 34:32 with 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. TSV Langstadt are still unbeaten at the halfway stage with 10:4 and 4 draws.

However, SV SCHOTT Jena in last place with 5:9 points shows how close the field is and thus demonstrates an unprecedented balance. Behind Weinheim are Dachau and Bingen with 7:7 each, Böblingen with 6:8 and Kolbermoor also with 5:9.
Anyone can beat anyone here, and that will ensure further excitement in the second half of the season. This begins for the TTC 46 quintet with a home match against Jena, which has been rescheduled for Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. The next day, the action continues in Langstadt.
A more than conciliatory end to the year and an upward trend that raises hopes of achieving the season’s play-off target.