Weinheim makes it exciting

Table tennis: TTC 46 women’s Bundesliga team achieves an important victory against Böblingen. The action continues today in Berlin

Weinheim. The TTC 1946 Weinheim women’s table tennis team hosted SV Böblingen for their last home match of 2023. The TTC 46 recorded the biggest success in the club’s history to date against the Swabians by winning the semi-final in the battle for the German championship in June. And on Sunday, the team from Weinheim again had reason to celebrate. The TTC 46 was able to field its best team in the important 6:4 victory.
The two opening doubles were decisive. Both Takahashi/Jeger and Wan/Klee scored clear victories and put their team 2:0 in front. Gotsch and Anett Kaufmann were two outstanding players for the visitors in the front pairing, which meant that Bruna Takahashi and Yuan Wan both lost 1-3. The score was now 2:2 and it was now Mateja Jeger’s turn against Anett’s sister, Alexandra Kaufmann, and she had no problems at all in her clear 3:0 win. At the next table, Sophia Klee played a little better than her Japanese opponent Yoshida and put the TTC 46 4:2 in front.

The top singles in the front pair brought table tennis at its best: Takahashi’s match against the 53-year-old, super-ambitious and experienced Gotsch was a treat for the spectators. In the fifth set, Bruna Takahashi quickly trailed 3:9, but was able to level the score at 9:9 to the frenetic cheers of the spectators, only to ultimately lose the set and the game 9:11. As Wan was unable to do anything against the very strong and self-confident Anett Kaufmann at the next table, Böblingen had equalized at 4:4.

All eyes were now on Mateja Jeger in her match against Yoshida. The Croatian from Weinheim won 11:3 and 11:9 quite easily and everyone thought the Weinheim player would win, before Yoshida won the third and fourth sets with a clever tactical change and Jeger was also 4:9 behind in the fifth. But then the player from Weinheim hit every ball and the spectators cheered her on. She turned 4:9 into 11:9 and the TTC ladies were back in the lead at 5:4. It was now all down to Sophia Klee: She was never able to play her best table tennis in the first set at 9:11, but then she got over her nervousness and took the next three sets and the 6:4 victory for Weinheim. The hall was standing on its head – this was a very important success in order to reach the play-offs next year. Already today, at an unusual time at 5.30 pm, the German champions ttc eastside await their DM final opponents in Berlin. cs

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