Strong start to the second half of the season

TTC ladies celebrate two wins and take the lead in the table.

The ladies of TTC 46 Weinheim started the second half of the season with two convincing victories at home against Jena and in Langstadt and impressively continued their winning run from the last matches before Christmas. The win in Langstadt pushed them off the top of the table and they are now one point ahead of the East Hessians and level with Berlin on points lost.

The team celebrated a successful revenge at the start of the second half of the season with an impressive 6:1 win against SV SCHOTT Jena, after the quartet without Bruna Takahashi had surprisingly “messed up” the start of the round with a 3:6 loss against the newly promoted team.
This time, the Weinheim players had a tough time in the doubles to begin with.
Yuan Wan and Sophia Klee were well on their way with a 2:0 lead after sets, before the thread somehow broke and Qi Shi and Kohura Itagaki were able to equalize. However, Yuan and Sophia then took the final set 11:5.
Things were even closer next door between Bruna Takahashi/Mateja Jeger and Misuzu Takeya/EcE Harac. The previously undefeated players from Weinheim were always chasing a set win from their opponents before they won the fifth set by an extremely narrow margin of 11:9.

Bruna Takahashi proved above all that she had nerves of steel when she held off Qi Shi three times 11:9, although she was unable to play her best table tennis.
World-class table tennis next door, when Yuan Wan virtually dismantled the 16-year-old Japanese player Misuzu Takeya, missing a match point in the third set, but then clearly dominating again and making it 4:0 overall.
Mateja Jeger’s match against Ece Harac, who plays for Turkey, was very varied. She clearly won sets 1 and 4, but the two in between were narrowly won by Harac. In the final set, nothing came together for Mateja – the first point for Jena.
It was good that Daria Trigolos kept her nerve against 14-year-old Kohura Itagaki, a German youth national player, and made it 5:1 with three narrow set wins.
The top matches then went to TTC 46.
Bruna Takahashi carelessly squandered a 10:3 lead against Misuzu Takeya in the first set, but then dominated the following sets with more concentration and took the sixth point.
Next door, Yuan Wan had already finished her 3:0 against Qi Shi, but then failed to score.

On Sunday, the team had to face current league leaders TSV Langstadt.
Once again, there was a preliminary decision in the doubles.
The pairings from the previous day had to go to deciding sets again. Bruna and Mateja just managed to come through against Franziska Schreiner and Lorena Morsch, and Yuan and Sophia overturned a 2:1 deficit to put their colors 2:0 ahead.

There were surprising defeats in the first top singles. Yuan was narrowly defeated twice by Hsien-Tsu Cheng, and it was clearer in the third round. Bruna also only secured the first set, but ultimately had little chance against Franziska Schreiner.
Mateja Jeger made it 3:2 when she only let herself be surprised in the third set, while Sophia Klee was ultimately beaten 2:3.
Weinheim’s top players turned the 3:3 into a 5:3. Bruna conceded the first set, but then made her victory against Hsien-Tzu Cheng perfect. Yuan left no doubts at all against Franziska Schreiner and won clearly 3:0.The TTC crew had another nail-biter when Mateja had to retire in the second set due to a knee injury. But Sophia withstood the pressure once again and made the victory perfect against the replacement Lorena Morsch and proved that any opponent can be defeated with a united team performance, even in the back cross.

Next weekend, they will have to prove that they are in the right form and that they can deliver the same performance in Dachau and Böblingen.