The trembling continues

Ladies of TTC 46 only 5:5 in Weil, men lose against Jena

The women’s quartet was not able to achieve the hoped-for liberation in the first Bundesliga,
Nevertheless, it was still enough for a point.
ESV Weil had speculated that a win would put them far enough away from the relegation zone to avoid a showdown on the last match day against SV Böblingen, who are currently last in the standings.
After Böblingen got two points as a gift due to the non-appearance of SV Kolbermoor, they have moved a little closer and could still overtake the TTC 46, but they would have to win against the third in the table Schwabhausen – but in times of Corona nothing is impossible. As a buffer in between there is still TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim, who also meet the Böblingers in matches against the top three and Weil.
In the match in Weil, the Weinheimers could not convert a 5:2 lead into a victory. The doubles ended 1-1 with Bruna Takahashi, this time with Daria Trigolos, cruising to a 3-0 win. Lisa Lung and Jennie Wolf were defeated 1:3.
The first two top matches resulted in a 3:1 lead for the guests from Bergstraße. Daria Trigolos triumphed after losing the first round against Polina Trifonova, and Bruna Takahashi had to narrowly lose the second, but was otherwise superior against Izabela Lupulesku.
In the rear pair cross Lisa Lung showed a good performance and won 3:1 against Vivien Scholz.
Jennie Wolf was extremely unlucky against Hana Arapovic and later against Vivien Scholz. Against Arapovic she was 2:0 sets and 4:2 ahead, before her opponent turned the match around with eight points in a row and still won narrowly.
In the second top match, Bruna Takahashi also kept the upper hand against Trifonova quite clearly for an intermediate score of 5:2. But the 0:3 defeat of Daria Trigolos against Lupulesku, the 1:3 of Lisa Lung against Arapovic and finally the 2:3 of Jennie Wolf against Scholz let the hope for the second point fade away. Again a 2:0 lead was not enough for Jennie Wolf to win.
So we have to continue to wait whether the season will end with the results that are actually to be expected; then it should be enough for the TTC ladies in any case.
This is becoming increasingly unlikely for the men.
Although they held up well against SV SCHOTT Jena, they nevertheless suffered a 3:6 defeat: the result against a team from the midfield of the table moves the Weinheim team ever closer to the abyss.
Both Weinheim doubles managed to secure the first set each, but unfortunately nothing came after that, and a 0:2 score on the scoreboard unfortunately pointed in the wrong direction.
Tom Eise seemed to be out of sorts at the beginning against Tibor Spanik, before he turned it around and won 13:11, 11:7 and 11:6 after 0:2 sets. Unfortunately, Björn Baum did not manage this feat against Pavol Mego and lost 2:3.
Alexander Gerhold was once again convincing in his match against Leonhard Süß, when he won 3:0.
3:0 was also the result, but for Roma Rezetka against Oliver Both.
Against Pavol Mego, Tom Eise could only secure the third set and lost, while Björn Baum fought down Tibor Spanik 3:0. The decisive sixth point for the guests from Thuringia was then taken by Roman Rezetka against Alexander Gerhold, who after winning the first set had to capitulate against some trick shots of his opponent.
The approximately 30 spectators experienced an afternoon with some ups and downs, but unfortunately not with a positive end for the TTC team.

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