Closer than the result says

Ladies II of TTC 46 Weinheim in derby with 4-point victory, men twice narrowly defeated

With two respectable results, the men in the 3rd Bundesliga show what would have been possible with a number 1. At the league leader DJK Sportbund Stuttgart they lost only narrowly with 4:6, in the home match against the second of the table TV Leiselheim they came close to a draw, if Björn Baum had won his second match.
In Stuttgart, Björn Baum and Alexander Gerhold harmonized well in their doubles match and won 3:2 against Perez/Happek, while Tom Eise and Oliver Both lost 2:3 against Spieß/Wenger. Juan Perez also fought Björn Baum down, but Tom Eise restored the tie against Marlon Spieß. The hosts then pulled away to 5:2, when Sven Happek won 3:0 against Oliver Both, Nico Wenger won 3:2 against Alexander Gerhold and Juan Perez gave Tom Eise no chance at 3:0. The Weinheim team came back with a 3:2 win of Björn Baum against Marlon Spieß and a 3:1 win of Alexander Gerhold against Sven Happek. The winning point for the hosts came with Nico Wenger’s 3:1 against Oliver Both.
The home match against in the derby against the Wormser of the TV Leiselheim began with a point division from the doubles. Björn Baum and Alexander Gerhold lost 2:3 against their top pair Keinath/McBeath, while Tom Eise and Timo Gass scored a 3:1 against Juzbasic/Krießbach. In the top matches Tom Eise lost against David McBeath and Björn Baum against Thomas Keinath both with 1:3. Alexander Gerhold shortened against substitute Alexander Krießbach, but the defeats of Timo Gass against Ivan Juzbasic and Tom Eise against Thomas Keinath already put the score at 2:5. Björn Baum was close to equalize against David McBeath, but unfortunately did not manage to get the chance for a draw, but successes were likely for the TTC 46 in the remaining matches.
Unfortunately, a strong performance this weekend was not rewarded with a point win.
The ladies II secured a double point win in the regional league with an actually unthreatened 8:2 against local rivals TTV Weinheim-West. With this clear victory, the team increased the gap to the westerners in 3rd place to six points, with TTF Rastatt still four points behind.
Hanna Patseyeva was once again available and provided stability. With Melissa Friedrich she had more difficulties than expected in the doubles against Lisa Mayer/Sifan Sissi Pan and they won only in the deciding set, while Celin Ermler/Sara Hartmann won more clearly with 3:1 against Rebecca Matthes/Heike Fuhrmann. Hanna had only lost her sovereignty against Lisa Mayer in the third set at 11:13, and later against Rebecca Matthes she also had to give up one set.
Melissa Friedrich lost smoothly to Rebecca Matthes, but made up for it with a 3:0 win against Lisa Mayer.
Celin Ermler gave Heike Fuhrmann no chance and was then also successful against Sifan Sissi Pan with 3:1. She had taken the second counter for TTV from Sara Hartmann, but Sara made her personal equalizer against Heike Fuhrmann perfect.

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