Grand without four for the ladies

TTC 46 Weinheim: Ladies I and men are defeated smoothly

For the ladies of the TTC 46 Weinheim it came as thick as expected. In the absence of the Top 3, it was already clear that their performance at the second-placed TSV Langstadt would not end successfully, then Jennie Wolf had to go into quarantine because of Corona in the family, and so Lisa Lung, Luisa Säger and Hanna Patseyeva and Celin Ermler, who had moved up from the lower teams, were faced with an insurmountable task. The 0:6 was only logical.
Against the South Hesse team, which had the best players, there were only three set wins to celebrate.
Hanna Patseyeva and Celin Ermler won once against Tanja Krämer and Franziska Schreiner, then Lisa Lung took one from Chantal Mantz and finally Hanna in the first set against Franziska Schreiner. Luisa Säger was just as unsuccessful against Petrissa Solja as Celin Ermler was against Tanja Krämer.
In the last two matches against ttc eastside Berlin in Sinzheim near Baden-Baden and at home against SV Böblingen – hopefully with a full line-up again – something more has to come in order not to get into acute danger.

In the men’s competition, Corona has now also struck again.
In the opponents of Sunday there were already two cases in the week, which forced Spvgg Effeltrich to take a break, now Weinheim’s team captain Björn Baum has tested positive and drops out.
Since Oliver Both was also unavailable, coach Rainer Schmidt had to activate two players from the second team to at least be able to play with a full complement against TTC Wöschbach.
The two youngsters Daniel Berbner and winter newcomer Dennis Tschunichin were also immediately paired up in the doubles, and sensationally they dismantled the Wöschbacher Jan Zibrat and Kenan Hrnic with 11:7, 11:6 and 14:12. Unfortunately, this victory should also remain the only sense of achievement that evening. At the other table, Tom Eise and Alexander Gerhold struggled in vain against Teodoro/Gacev at 1:3.
In the singles Tom Eise seemed to have no chance against Guilherme Teodoro and lost the first sets. Then he improved and equalized, in the deciding set it waved back and forth, but with the better end for the opponents.
Alexander Gerhold turned around a clear lead of Jan Zibrat in the first set, but then had to let his opponent draw to 3:1. As expected, Dennis Tschunichin lost against Kenan Hrnic, but at least managed to win set 3. Daniel Berbner’s defeat against Aleksa Gacev also came as no surprise.
A little more resistance was expected from Tom Eise against Jan Zibrat, who superiorly brought in the sixth point to 6:1 for his team.

In the women’s regional league, the second team of the TTC 46 continues to distance itself from the competition. With a 6:4 win against TTG Süßen II, the team remained at four minus points, while their closest rivals lost more points.
The closest is still TTC Weinheim-West with 10 minus points, others already have at least 12.
Even without Hanna Patseyeva, the quintet remained victorious. Anke Haas, only used in the doubles, got one point with Melissa Friedrich at the beginning, the other one went to the opponents.
In the front pair cross the guests had their advantages. Melissa Friedrich lost first against Martina Bechtel and later against Amelie Fischer, Julia Weimer lost against Fischer but managed to hold her own against Bechtel.
The team spirit of the TTC team was the decisive factor for the overall victory. Lisa Gu and Julia Hölzel each had two wins, which brought the championship a little closer with four matches still to play.

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