The weekend of decisions


Ladies II secure the championship, men without chance

Two championships are to celebrate, a relegation to mourn.

The men step after the 0:6 against the TSG Kaiserslautern the course into the regional league.
With three games left to play, it is no longer possible to reach the save shore.
Without Tom Eise and Oliver Both, but with Björn Baum released from quarantine, there was nothing to be gained against the Palatines.
Björn Baum and Alexander Gerhold could not hold on in their doubles against Turrini/Klajber after sets with 2:1 in front and still lost. The returning Dennis Tschunichin and Daniel Berbner lost outright and could not repeat their sensational success of the previous week.
Björn Baum also managed to win two sets against Rafael Turrini, but in the end the Brazilian celebrated a 3:2 victory. The other matches went 1:3 to the guests.
Alexander Gerhold lost to Sushmit Sriram from India, Dennis Tschunichin was defeated by Vladislav Rukletsov from Belarus and Daniel Berbner lost to Felix Köhler.

With this clear defeat, the many years of Bundesliga membership are unfortunately coming to an end.

With a narrow 6:4 victory, however, the Ladies II laid the foundation for the decision on the title in the Regional League Southwest on Saturday. Due to the defeat of the only pursuer, the ladies of TTV Weinheim-West, on Sunday in Kaiserslautern, the championship was already secured before the further appearance of the TTC team in Schönmünzach.

As champions of the regional league, the second women’s team now has the chance of promotion to the Bundesliga, but whether this can be achieved will have to be decided in the coming weeks. In the current league, the ladies have presented themselves as clearly superior with 27:5 points, even if the results were often close.
Two games are still to be played.

The 6:4 against the TTF Rastatt did not start so optimally. In the doubles at the beginning there was a surprising 0:2. Hanna Patseyeva and Melissa Friedrich had to give up after 2:1 lead against Kiziuk/Graversen still with 2:3, while Julia Hölzel and Wiebke Haas lost smoothly against Bittner/Gibs.
After a changeable match Hanna Patseyeva won 3:2 against Elisabeth Bittner, while Melissa Friedrich lost clearly against Kateryna Kiziuk. However, five wins in a row secured the overall success for the Weinheim women. Julia Hölzel and Wiebke Haas both put in a good performance with 3:1 victories. The top match between Hanna Patseyeva and Kateryna Kiziuk was a close but clear 3:0 for Hanna. Melisssa Friedrich went the full distance twice against Bittner and Julia Hölzel against Chantal Graversen in their favor, Wiebke Haas against Susanne Gibs for the guests.

Hanna Patseyeva and Celin Ermler lost to Julia Kaim and Antonia Bernhard in three sets, and Melissa Friedrich and Sara Hartmann could only hold on against Gaiser/Walkenhorst for 2:3.
On the side of the hosts, Julia Kaim excelled as she did in the draw in the first round, clearly defeating both Melissa Friedrich and Hanna Patseyeva. Melissa Friedrich then also lost to Antonia Bernhard in the decisive set, who also had to concede the first point for the TTC 46 against Hanna Patseyeva with 2:3. The rear pair cross brought the remaining four to the draw, when Celin Ermler and Sara Hartmann – partly also only over the full distance – secured two victories each.

Thus, the ladies again report two championship titles this season.
In addition to this great success for the women’s team II, the players of the third team could celebrate the championship already ahead of time, since the cancellation of the second round for the Verbandsoberliga closed the table with a flawless record of the TTC 46 of 24:0.
The ladies are currently the flagship of the club, especially since the class preservation of the ladies I in the 1st Bundesliga is now also as good as certain.

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