The Bundesliga teams of the TTC 46 Weinheim show their class at home

Fans thrilled with clear successes

The first home games of the Bundesliga teams of the TTC 46 Weinheim brought quite superior success: the women beat the Leutzscher Füchse 6:1, the men even beat the SB Versbach 6:0.

Not quite as successful was the start for the men on Saturday of the season. At the TSG Kaiserslautern there was a feared defeat with 2:6. Despite fierce resistance the Weinheimers had to acknowledge the superiority of the hosts. In the newly formed doubles Devos/Baum lost with 1:3 against Köhler/Marinkovic, Cipin/Eise kept the game open for a long time and had to give up the point only in the extra time of the fourth and then the fifth set.

The Pfälzer as the promoted team had upgraded heavily and are considered one of the championship aspirants, and this time with four players from the regular team, they forgot the opening defeat with replacement.

Laurens Devos, in his first single appearance for TTC 46, could only win one set against Sushmit Sriram from India, while Filip Cipin lost to Alexander Valuch from Slovakia in three sets.
As always, Björn Baum fought excellently and turned against Nikola Marinkovic a 1:2 deficit still to the first point for the TTC 46. Tom Eise got against Felix Köhler hardly a stab and lost smoothly.

Laurens Devos had the right to win the second point when he defeated Valuch, but the victory went to Sriram, who beat Filip Cipin.

Sunday was followed by a creamy day for the TTC Quartet. With 6:0 they sent the other ascender from SB Versbach home.

Filip Cipin and Tom Eise had to torture themselves over five sets, until they had Christ/Geist down, Laurens Devos and Björn Baum had against it with Andreas Ball and Felix Bindhammer with the 3:0 less difficulties.
Ex-TTC player Andreas Ball did not make it easy for Laurens Devos and put up a lot of resistance, but lost in the fifth set. There he had already led 8:3, but in a great final spurt Laurens made eight points in a row to 11:8 under the cheers of the spectators.

Filip Cipin had the better end in tight sets against Nico Christ. Tom Eise won in three sets against Felix Bindhammer, while Björn Baum against Daniel Geist needed one more, but thus could already set the 6-0 final point.

The ladies next door received with the Leutzscher Füchse an opponent who had already annoyed them a few times, but this time without the budget regular Tho Do Thi, the guests from Leipzig stood on lost post.
This time Daria Trigolos had Iryna Motsyk by her side in the doubles, and the two had to play Houng Do Thi and Anna-Marie Helbig over the full distance. Luisa Säger and her regular partner Jennie Wolf had no problems with Marina Shavyrina and Jolanda Willberg and scored 2-0.

Daria Trigolos showed again her class and won against Huong Do Thi, Luisa Säger had a sag in the meantime against Marina Shavyrina, but was then clearly superior.
Jennie Wolf had substitute Jolanda Willberg clearly under control, whereas Iryna Motsyk had not quite reached her previous year’s form and had against Anna-Marie Helbig with 1:3 the disadvantage and had to admit the point of honour of the Leipzig women.

It was then up to Daria Trigolos to set the final point. With her 3:1 victory over Marina Shavyrina, she ensured the overall victory.

Chairman Christian Säger certified both Weinheim teams a closed team performance and was also satisfied with the visit of approx. 160 spectators

The women are now in the league’s top trio with 4:0 points, the men have a balanced points account with 2:2.
The next home games will take place parallel on October 13th, the men against the table leader NSU Neckarsulm, the women against the self-proclaimed championship candidate TuS Uentrop – absolute top games.

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