TTC 46 Weinheim loses opening match

Nasty surprise in Jena

This was not what was expected. The first negative omen came early in the morning when top player Bruna Takahashi pulled out with shoulder problems.
And without her guarantor of victory, not much had been achieved in the last season.
But the rest of the team should have been able to achieve a positive result against the promoted team. But things turned out quite differently: in the end, a 3:6 defeat stood on the scoreboard and thus a false start to the season.

The Thuringians fielded 15-year-old Japanese Misuzu Takeya, not even the player from the Far East with the most points, but only one of whom could be used at a time.
With the number 2, the Turkish Ece Harac, she formed the doubles against Yuan Wan/Sophia Klee. The sets were always close, after 1:0 and 2:1 Yuan crashed into the rail in the fourth set. After a 15-minute injury break, she was able to continue the match, but seemed to be impressed, and in the end the last two sets went to the hosts.
In parallel, Mateja Jeger and Daria Trigolos had their opponents Valerija Mühlbach and Koharu Itagaki safely under control at 3:0.

Mateja Jeger had to deal with Misuzu Takeya from Japan at position 2 and had hardly any chance at 0:3.

Yuan Wan’s very close 3:0 win over Exe Harac brought the match back to level.

In the back pair there was not the hoped for double point win.
Daria Trigolos lost the first set 7:11, but then had her opponent Valerija Mühlbach well under control and secured the third point. That Sophia Klee could not continue her game against the only 13-year-old Koharu Itagaki after a 12:14 and then two clearly won sets, initiated the defeat.
Yuan Wan in the top match against Misuzu Takeya lost the first two rounds, but fought back, but then had to give up the sails in the final set.
And for Mateja Jeger nothing went right on this day; she also lost 0:3 against Ece Harac.
Sophia Klee’s last match was close, but clear with 0:3 to Valerija Mühlbach, who made the surprising final score of 6:3.

Let’s hope that Bruna Takahashi will be available again soon; without her it’s hard to win – they can all play.

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