Things are not going according to plan

Ladies of the TTC 46 Weinheim lose in Bingen

What went well for the ladies of the TTC 46 Weinheim in the first national league last season is going in the other direction this time. After another defeat, the team is still at the bottom of the table without a win.

The team had so much planned for the away match in Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim, but they were disillusioned right from the start in the doubles. Yuan Wan/Sophia Klee were defeated by Rakovac/Mynarova after losing three sets in overtime. And Bruna Takahashi/Daria Trigolos also had to concede victory to their opponents Tomanovska/Kuzmina despite a 2:1 set lead.
With this mortgage, the rest of the match was always unfortunate for the Weinheim women. Bruna Takahashi made short work of Katerina Tomanovska in a 3-0 win. Yuan Wan lost just as clearly against Lea Rakovac.
The back pair could also only contribute one point.
Again both matches went over five sets. Mateja Jeger finally had to give in to Karolina Mynarova, while Daria Trigolos – this time also playing in the singles – could still prevail after a hard fight against Elena Kuzmina.

As in the last round, Bruna Takahashi failed against Lea Rakovic, so the revenge did not succeed after 10:12 in the deciding set.

Yuan Wan was able to come back with a 3:1 win against Katerina Tomanovska, but at 3:5 a win was no longer possible.
The sixth point for Bingen had to be conceded by Mateja Jeger, who could not bring her good performance to the plates this time and lost very narrowly against Elena Kuzmina.
The disappointment was obvious for manager Christian Säger, who was glad that there will be a four-week break until the next match, when he can get back on his feet.