The guests rejoice in the end

TTC ladies give victory against Kolbermoor out of their hands

A match with two different halves: 5:0 turns into 5:5, and the mood of all those who support the TTC 46 Weinheim was correspondingly depressed.
Finally, the Weinheim team was able to play with its best players. Top player Bruna Takahashi was fit again after her shoulder problems, and all the other players were on board. On the other hand, SV DJK Kolbermoor could also draw from the full range, and so one expected an even match.
But then it started really well for the home team. The already well-rehearsed doubles Yuan Wan/Sophia Klee continued their good series and defeated the Kolbermoor pair of top players Lang/Arapovic narrowly 3:2. There was a new pairing next door: Bruna Takahashi and Daria Trigolos already harmonized quite well and had fewer problems against Ghosh/Pranjkovic at 3:1.

The top singles continued in such a strong manner. Bruna Takahashi showed her lack of training when she won against the European Champion, Hana Arapovic, who moved from Weil to Bavaria, after trailing 1:2 in the first set.
Yuan Wan met her former teammate Kristin Lang and after losing the first set 5:11 one had to expect the worst. But then she showed a brilliant performance and secured a 3:1 victory.
Mateja Jeger acted with her usual confidence and brought the fifth point on the credit side with a 3-set win against Naomi Pranjkovic.
In the feeling of a safe victory, the spectators’ interest and the necessary cheering for the own team somehow faded, and the 1:5 by the 1:3 defeat of Sophia Klee against the strong Indian Swastika Ghosh was still taken as a beauty spot.
But when Bruna Takahashi had to retire after a superior first set against Kristin Lang, and Yuan Wan did not get into the match at all against Hana Arapovic, the trembling began.
And this was also felt by the players. Mateja Jeger was also quickly behind, then gave hope for the turnaround, but with luck and skill Swastika Ghosh brought her team closer.
And while Sophia Klee seemed somehow paralyzed, her opponent Naomi Pranjkovic went into a frenzy and with strong shots still brought the never expected draw for her cheering supporters.
And embarrassed expressions on the other side: this draw clearly feels like a defeat.