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TTC ladies at home against Böblingen on Saturday, in Weil on Sunday

Taking the momentum with them

In the women’s national league, the TTC 46 Weinheim is going from strength to strength.

Just one week after the sensational games against Berlin and Kolbermoor, the next rival from the top of the table, SV Böblingen, comes to the Heisenberg-Halle on Saturday. Of course, the quintet of the TTC 46 would like to continue their great performance and defend the top of the table.

The guests come to the Bergstrasse with the recommendation of a 6:2 against ESV Weil, with whom the Weinheim girls then have to deal on Sunday.
Like the TTC 46, the Böblingen team has just 6 minus points on its account, but two games less.

On the last day of the first half of the season, coach Andreas Dörner’s team temporarily took first place in the table with a 6-3 win in Swabia, when both doubles and victories by Bruna Takahashi (2), Yuan Wan (1) and Mateja Jeger (1) ensured the overall success.
Now the two teams meet again, and the Weinheim side would like to take a similar result with them.

Qianhong Gotsch and Annett Kaufmann form the front pair, who could be a stumbling block for the two players on the Weinheim side, Bruna and Yuan. Gotsch had to congratulate against both after four sets, the still 16-year-old Annett Kaufmann, one of Germany’s greatest talents, had no chance at all against Bruna, but against Yuan she could prevail.
And also in the rear pair cross with Chia-Hsuan Lin, Yanhua Yang-Xu, Mitsuki Yoshida and Leonie Hartbrich no easy tasks wait for Giorgia Piccolin, Mateja Jeger and Sophia Klee, which presented themselves however recently all in strong form. This should be another exciting match, hopefully again with the better end for the TTC 46.

The duel on Sunday in South Baden actually sees the TTC 46 as clear favorites.
ESV Weil started the second half of the season with two defeats and is at the bottom with two plus points.

From the front pair cross with Hana Arapovic and Izabela Lupulesku there was this year still no victory in the singles, and one would like to maintain with the TTC 46 also gladly in such a way. In the first leg with the close 6:4 Bruna Takahashi had to accept a narrow defeat against Hana Arapovic after jetlag, and also against Izabela Lupulesku it was only enough for a 3:2 after catching up. And also Yuan Wan was defeated against Hana Arapovic with 2:3. So it will be a difficult task for the two to take revenge in the return match.
The back positions at ESV Weil are occupied by Polina Dobreva, Ievgeniia Sozoniuk and Vivien Scholz, with whom the Weinheim women have to deal. That didn’t go optimally in the first leg either, when Mateja had to fight hard and Sophia lost to Dobreva, but still managed to put the lid on it against Vivien Scholz.

In the good form of the Weinheim team, one can hope for an easier round.
But Andreas Dörner’s quintet will not underestimate this opponent either.

Saturday, 4.2.23, 17:30: TTC 46 Weinheim – SV Böblingen
Sunday, 5.2.23, 14:00: ESV Weil – TTC 46 Weinheim


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