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The ladies of the TTC 46 Weinheim on tour in Bavaria again

First indications for the season

Just like at the beginning of last season, the first women’s team in the Bundesliga will have an early away weekend in Bavaria. On Saturday at TSV Schwabhausen and on Sunday at SV DJK Kolbermoor it can be seen whether the newly formed team can keep up with the teams from the midfield of the table.

In last year’s meeting after the sobering 1:6 opening defeat against Bingen, there were two strong performances in the 3:6 in Schwabhausen and the first point win in the 5:5 in Kolbermoor. This time the start of the season against Bingen was much better with 6:2 and showed that the reinforcements can really perform competitively.

From the first opponent Mateja Jeger transferred to TTC 46, who lost to Carolina Cumahara at that time, but clearly dominated Daria Trigolos.
Undisputed top is Schwabhausen’s Sabine Winter, who has just had successful months and should be hard to beat. She became German singles champion, and with her 21:2 record she was once again the most successful player in the Bundesliga last year. At position two we find the world number 67 Liu Yangzi (Australia), who has gigantic potential at the age of 20.
Behind Winter and Liu it will be extremely balanced: Number three is the Belarusian defensive specialist Alina Nikitchanka and the two Hungarians Mercedesz Nagyvaradi and Orsolya Feher.

The TTC 46 also managed to get a player from its second opponent. Kolbermoor’s last year’s number 2 Yuan Wan moved to Bergstraße and will now meet her old teammates.
Kolbermoor has two departures and two additions, whereby the two newcomers can probably compensate for the two ex-players who changed within the league.
New number 1 is the Swede Linda Bergström; the 27-year-old defensive strategist is currently listed at position 44 in the world rankings. The 23-year-old Ukrainian left-hander Solomiya Brateyko, who transferred from the second league runner-up TuS Uentrop, moves to position 4.
Still on board are top performers like Kristin Lang and Svetlana Ganina and youngsters Naomi Pranjkovic (17) and Laura Tiefenbrunner (20).

The Weinheim team with Bruna Takahashi, Yuan Wan, Mateja Jeger, Giorgia Piccolin and Sophia Klee has made a strong first appearance and can definitely expect to win points in the south, depending on who will take to the court on both sides. Again and again international tournaments of the world federation play disturbingly in the personnel planning.

Saturday, 24.09.22, 14:00 TSV Schwabhausen – TTC 46 Weinheim
Sunday, 25.09.22, 14:00 SV DJK Kolbermoor – TTC 46 Weinheim


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