A partial success like the year before

Ladies of the TTC with defeat and draw

„Same procedure as last year“, that’s how the excursion of the TTC 46 Weinheim women’s team to Bavaria can be summarized: a defeat in Schwabhausen, a draw in Kolbermoor were the yield like last year – maybe more had been hoped for, but these two teams still belong to the top class of German women’s table tennis. And without their top player, there was probably not really more in it: Bruna Takahashi could not be available because of a stay in Japan.

In Schwabhausen, things already didn’t start well in the doubles. Both Yuan Wan/Sophia Klee and Mateja Jeger/Giorgia Piccolin lost their matches 0:3. And the fact that the German champion Sabine Winter is in excellent form this year had to be acknowledged in the singles, first by Mateja Jeger, who had moved up to the front pair, and later by Yuan Wan; both were unable to take a set from her.
The first point for the TTC 46 was won by Yuan Wan against their number 2 Yangzi Liu after losing the first set.

For Giorgia Piccolin against Mecedesz Nagyvaradi all sets were extremely close, but unfortunately three times for her opponent.
Another bright spot was the performance of Sophia Klee against the defense specialist Alina Nikitchanka. After a furious start with 11:1, she lost 8:11, but then won two sets for the second Weinheim point.
In the second appearance on Sunday, the team was able to prove that they can stand up to the competition.

Against SV DJK Kolbermoor, things did not start well at all with the doubles. While the team didn’t really have much of a chance against the top doubles of the hosts with Kristin Lang and newcomer Solomija Brateyko for Yuan Wan and Sophia Klee, they were hoping for a point in the match of Mateja Jeger/Giorgia Piccolin against Noami Pranjkovic/Laura Tiefenbrunner, which unfortunately didn’t come after 1:0 and 2:1 set leads.

Kristin Lang fought her way to a 3:2 win against Mateja Jeger, while Yuan Wan was in no danger with a 3:0 win against Solomija Brateyko.
However, Giorgia Piccolin and Sophia Klee made up for the 3:1 gap when Giorgia was superior against Pranjkovic with 3:1 and Sophia turned around a deficit against Svetlana Ganina with fighting qualities.
Kristin Lang was also successful against her former teammate Yuan Wan with 3:1; Mateja Jeger managed to equalize the score at 4:4 in a thriller against Solomija Brateyko.
Again, the Bavarians took the lead when Svetlana Ganina gave Giorgia Piccolin from Weinheim no chance at 3:0.

Sophia Klee was again able to contribute the counter to the equalizer, who only had a lull in the second set against Naomi Pranjkovic, but then was able to finish the match in a superior manner.
With three wins in her singles she showed herself well recovered from her knee injury last season and as a great number 5 in the team.

So again a point for the overall table in Bavaria conquered – a pleasant conclusion of the away weekend.

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