Ladies established at the top of the league

TTC 46 Weinheim takes 3 points from top matches

After the sensational 6:4 against the subscription champion and Champions League winner ttc berlin eastside, the ladies of the TTC 46 Weinheim could also score in the second top match against SV DJK Kolbermoor with the 5:5 and thus keep the distance to the competition the same.
Due to the majority of plus points they remain at the top of the table, after minus points one behind today’s opponent, one ahead of the Berliners.
The doubles at the beginning of the encounter with Kolbermoor were again distributed peacefully equal. Yuan Wan together with Sophia Klee had to deal with the defenders Linda Bergström and Svetlana Ganina and secured the first point by winning sets 1,3 and 5, while Bruna Takahashi and Giorgia Piccolin ultimately lost out to Kristin Lang and Solomiya Brateyko just over the full distance.
And the first singles again brought a tie. Bruna Takahashi unexpectedly had more difficulties after winning the first set outright, but brought the match home with two 14:12 scores. Yuan Wan won the first set against Linda Bergström, but then lost the following ones.
This time, however, the TTC 46 then took a 4:2 lead in the back pair and seemed to be on the best way to their second overall win this weekend against the elite of the table tennis league.
Mateja Jeger had to fight off the young Solomiya Brateyko, but mastered this with bravura and managed to take the lead with three extremely tightly won sets, which Sophia Klee extended with a convincing performance against the defender Svetlana Ganina, also 3:0.
Surprisingly then the defeats in the top matches.
Bruna Takahashi was not able to win her match against Linda Bergström as desired, the defender forced her again and again into easy mistakes, which sealed the 0:3.
After winning the first set, Yuan Wan could not convert three set points in the second set against Kristin Lang, so that her opponent stayed in the match and won the match.
It was good that Mateja Jeger was in top form on this day. She countered the defense of Svetlans Ganina with well-placed shots and didn’t give her opponent the slightest chance.
The fifth point was already achieved, the draw secured.
Against the young Ukrainian Solomiya Brateyko Sophia Klee did not have much to order at the end. Her good shots were strongly countered, the match went 0:3 to the Upper Bavarians.

The overall result of 5:5 had also been achieved in the first round. This time with the current number 1 on board in each case – Bruna Takahashi and Linda Bergström – they parted with a performance-based draw, which maintained the gap between them.

With this, the TTC 46 has established itself on the first place in the table for the time being, and of course they would like to hold this after the next home match next Saturday against SV Böblingen (4.2.23, 17:30 ) and hopefully also after Sunday in Weil.