Top of the league into the DM semifinals

The women’s table tennis team of the TTC 46 Weinheim also wins the last match of the 1st Bundesliga and makes the impossible possible.

Weinheim. „More is not possible,“ was the comment of manager and board member Christian Säger after the match. But after the inspiring performance of the table tennis women of the TTC 46 Weinheim in the last regular match of the 1st Bundesliga, not only 228 spectators asked themselves: Why not?

After all, there are still the semifinals and the finals for the German championship, and in this form, anything can be expected of this team.

In the last match of the main round of the 1st Women’s National League, the quartet of the TTC 46 Weinheim won 6:2 against „fearful opponents“ TSV Schwabhausen, which was clearer than expected, and finally secured the position 1 in the table. There has never been such a success in the history of the club, and such an achievement is also unparalleled in the history of Weinheim.
The TTC 46 made impressive use of the opportunity to secure the best starting position for the upcoming play-off matches by taking the best position in the table. With the strong support, the players also let themselves be driven to top performances. The team was also rightly celebrated with ovations.

An extremely exciting match developed right from the start. In the doubles, it was already clear that the team was losing. Yuan Wan and Sophia Klee won the first set by a narrow margin, but then Nagyvaradi/Feher took a clear lead and were leading 2:1 and in the fourth set already 9:6, before the women from Weinheim managed to equalize with five points in a row. They won the deciding set 11:7.


The double two with the top players went clearly against the TTC 46 at first. Bruna Takahashi and Mateja Jeger had to give away the first two sets clearly before they found their way better into the match. The fourth set developed into a thriller. At 1:8 it looked quite bleak. Eight points in a row turned set and in overtime it went to TTC 46, but the guests secured the final set 11:8 to equalize.
„The best match in years“

The first matches in the top pair cross then already set the course for victory. Bruna Takahashi was the dominant player in the match against Yangzi Liu and only took a creative break in the third set at 2:11, but then brought her game through successfully. The best of this afternoon was to be seen in the match between Yuan Wan and the German singles champion Sabine Winter. After winning the first set, Winter turned the match around. But Yuan Wan improved and was still successful after thrilling rallies with 11:9 in the fifth set. The hall was standing and Wan’s jubilation was boundless. A 3:1 at the break was then already half the battle. „That was the best match in years,“ Christian Säger also cheered.

In the back pair, Mateja Jeger once again convinced with a sovereign performance against Orsolya Feher. With 3:0, the Weinheim player, who simply dribbled cool on the plate, did not really give her opponent a chance. Sophia Klee was able to come back from 0:2 against Mercedesz Nagavaradi, but her lead of 9:8 in the fourth set was not enough to equalize the set.
The Weinheim top players proved in their second singles that they are among the top players in the current ranking. Bruna Takahashi disenchanted Sabine Winter quite clearly, who had to concede the fifth Weinheim point at 11:3 after 13:11 and 11:7, noticeably unnerved. And the 3:1 victory of Yuan Wan against Yangzi Liu showed her great form at the moment, with which she can scare every opponent immediately. The 6:2 at the end crowned a great second round with six wins and one draw.

With this team in this shape, this doesn’t have to be the last spectacle. First of all, the Weinheimers have a bye in the quarterfinals and will then meet the winner of the fourth/fifth place match in the semifinals at the beginning of June – in all other games with home field rights in any deciding games. So the best cards the team of coach Andreas Dörner has given itself already once. And the spectators can look forward to further high-class and exciting games in June. Board member Christian Säger was able to announce the return of Daria Trigolos for the upcoming round, who will replace Giorgia Piccolin, who is moving to France. „Bruna Takahashi, Yuan Wan, Mateja Jeger and Sophia Klee will stay.“ And also for the semifinal and possibly even final matches for the German championship, the TTC wants to stay in the sports hall of the Heisenberg-Gymnasium from June 2 to 6 and from 9 to 13. The super atmosphere yesterday, together with the outstanding team spirit, could provide the decisive tailwind for another coup. hol